EDITING 101: 15 – Self-Editing Part 3…

For those of you who have been following the invaluable series Editing 101 by Susan Uttendorsky..of Adirondack Editing.. here is part three of Self-Editing.. courtesy of the Story Reading Ape.

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Originally posted as the Dun Writin’—Now Whut? series on this blog, EDITING 101 is a weekly refresher series for some of you and brand new for others.

Courtesy of Adirondack Editing

Self-Editing Part 3

If you missed them, you can find Self-Editing Part 1 HERE and Self-Editing Part 2 HERE.

This interim series offers other, specific self-editing tasks that can be done when a manuscript’s completed to help polish it. Since there are many of these odd jobs, this specific post will continue over time.

Today I’m going to review two tasks that I automatically perform on each manuscript I edit.

The first is to eliminate double spaces. Some of us learned to type a long time ago when the standard for spacing after the end of a sentence was two spaces: period, space, space, new sentence. This was originally implemented as a “rule” because of monospaced fonts, also called fixed-pitch…

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A Little Personal – His Revenge now $0.99 in US and UK – #RRBC

John Howell’s book His Revenge is on offer for only 99c in US and UK.. it was such a great deal.. my husband bought be all three books for Christmas.. go on… you know you want to…

Fiction Favorites

His revenge sale

Photo Courtesy of Gwen Plano

Yup, it is true. I’m running a sale on His Revenge. From Now until midnight Sunday, December 11th. Here are the links:

US  Amazon

UK Amazon

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Matcha mini Square cake 

Thinking of an alternative to a rich fruit cake for Christmas.. how about this delicate and beautifully decorated mine Matcha tea cake.. wow.. head over to Nena’s Baking recipes.. some stunning cakes of all kinds.

Matcha 🍵 is a Japanese green tea ground into a powder form. Because it includes the entire leaf 🍃, it’s said to be extremely healthy. Once you hunt down a package which you ‘ll be able to find it at any Asian market or most grocery store. So let start to make.
For cake:
3/4 cup cake flour sifted

5 grams baking powder

10 grams Matcha powder

Pinch of salt

4 large egg ( separated)

1/2 cup granulated sugar

45 ml whole milk

2 tbsp vegetable oil

For frosting:
110 grams unsalted butter

2 cups powdered sugar

1 tsp vanilla extract

For decorations:
200 grams rolled fondant (white)

Gel paste food colour (green &yellow)

Edible glue

50 grams gumpaste

Sprinkle (pearls)


Line the baking pan or deep baking dish with parchment paper and set aside. Pre heat your oven to 400 F.

In a medium bowl sift…

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Book Launch Giveaway Winners — Three Things Serial Story

Teagan announces the winners for her signed copy and ebook versions of her new book Three Things Serial Story and introduces us to her wonderful characters.

Teagan's Books

The Three Things Serial Story Giveaway Winners


Welcome back everyone.  I want to thank all of you for your support in the “launch” of the novella version of The Three Things Serial Story

I realize I should have preceded the launch of this novella with a cover reveal.  Then I should have done several posts to build anticipation about the upcoming release.  And then a pre launch announcement, and then a launch party.   And then a post announcing the launch of the paperback.  And another announcing the e-book.  And then… Well, I simply don’t have time for that kind of marketing.  This blog is as much marketing as I’m able to do.  So thanks all that much more for visiting!

This novella is always 99 cents (USA) for the e-book.

Without further ado, here are the winners of last week’s giveaway.


Amazon Giveaway for…

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Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore Christmas Update – Children’s Books the perfect gift.

Welcome to the latest update from Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore. Throughout the year over 120 authors have been promoted weekly on the blog and their books now reside in the virtual bookstore along wi…

Source: Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore Christmas Update – Children’s Books the perfect gift.

Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore Christmas Update – Children’s Books the perfect gift.


Welcome to the latest update from Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore. Throughout the year over 120 authors have been promoted weekly on the blog and their books now reside in the virtual bookstore along with their buy links and websites. In the run up to Christmas I will be visiting all the authors in the store and checking for updates and new reviews on their most recent books. If you are in the bookstore and have recently published a new book, received a rave review then please let me know.. Sally.cronin@moyhill.com

My first update is to congratulate Deanie Humphrys- Dunne for being voted a winner 2016 for ‘50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading’ for her wonderful children’s books. Also an update on reviews for her book Charlie The Horse which was released as for Kindle earlier this year.

15420974_1317393351625880_1720499298908026472_nAbout Charlie the Horse.


Charlie dreamed of becoming a famous racehorse like his Dad, Charles the Great. Will he have the talent to succeed when he leaves for training at Sweetbrier Racing Stable? What will he do if he’s tired and doesn’t feeling like running? How will Charlie react when he faces challenges on the race track? Charlie tells this story just for you. Your child will delight in reading about Charlie as a baby horse with a big dream. All of Deanie’s books convey positive messages for children. Charlie the Horse emphasizes working hard and setting goals.

I thought the author did a great job of keeping the reader turning pages after pages, till like me I was finally able to finish this story tonight! This is why I was able to enjoy this ebook and wish now to recommend this for five stars and especially for those who love to read clean,fun horse stories like this I received this ebook for free and in particular to give it an honest review. Super job Deànie! By Angela

An inspiring story for any child. It was a fun experience reading this book by author Deanie Dunne. She put great thought into this book and into the imagination of making the horse (Charlie) talk himself.

Also by Deanie Humphrys-Dunne

15338744_1317391228292759_7508660106945665817_n15400905_1317391854959363_2060391167559256195_n 15401070_1317391641626051_2974713638749513319_n


Read all the reviews and BUY the books: https://www.amazon.com/Deanie-Humphrys-Dunne/e/B003FFS15S


Connect to Deanie via her website: www.childrensbookswithlifelessons.com.


My next update is for Gigi Sedlmayer whose wonderful books about Talon the Condor are hugely popular.  Gigi recently passed the 100 reviews milestone for her first book Talon, Come Fly with Me and the whole series has received amazing critical feedback. All of the books would make great gifts but I will feature the first in the series and leave you to catch up with the others on Amazon.


About the Book.

Talon come fly with me is a delightful middle gradestory set in Peru with a family of condors and missionary Australians. Is it possible for condors to understand humans? Suspend your beliefs and watch how an under-sizegirl, Matica, finds friends with a family of condors, after being rejected bythe Indians because of her size.

There are beautiful descriptions of the flight of the condors, and more so when Talon is cared for by Matica. The language suits this age group and does not talk down to the reader.
This is a great inspirational story for everyone. It will lift you up and make you believe in adventures, friendships, acceptance in a whole new light. Come and take the journey that is called Matica’s life. It is filled with rejections, heartbreaks, growth and loneliness, but through it all it will make you feel stronger.

Come Fly With Me is the first book in this series and you will be blown away!!!
In a world full of pain this story gives ones hope

One of the recent reviews out of 105.

Matica is a young girl who lives in the Andes with her missionary parents and older brother. What makes Matica unique, is that she is nine years-old but has the body of the two year-old child. Her affliction, causes the native Indians to be suspicious of Matica until she proves she is far more than her disability, and in fact her greatest strength is her size because being so small, Matica can fly on the back of a condor.

How this surprising event comes about, is when Matica befriends a male condor who seems to understand everything Matica is saying, and she in turn understand him. When the condor and his mate’s precious egg is stolen by poachers, Matica and her father find, and rescue the egg with the condors’ blessing. Matica and her family care for the egg and when it hatches, Matica is pseudo-mother to a giant condor.

Because of her befriending of the condors, Matica earns the Indians’ respect and admiration, which turns her life around. She gives talks at the school, and becomes special instead of feared. This is a story about how one young girl’s love for nature, turned her own life around and made it into something exciting, and most importantly, gave her disability meaning. This is a wonderfully written, heartfelt story about the power of love to redeem us. It’s about how Nature can heal and give our lives meaning and being us closer to those around us. I really enjoyed this story and would recommend it to readers of all ages. There is nothing in this book that I would read to even a five year-old

The other books in the series


Read all the reviews and BUY the books: https://www.amazon.com/Gigi-Sedlmayer/e/B003U8G4WC


Connect to Gigi via her blog: https://gigisedlmayer.wordpress.com/


My final update today is for another very popular children’s author Darlene Foster and her series that features Amanda and her travels around the world. Recently re-published with all new covers. The featured books is Darlene’s recently released.. Amanda on the Danube… The Sounds of Music.


About the book

Twelve year old Amanda Ross finds herself on an elegant riverboat with her bestie, Leah, cruising down the beautiful Danube, passing medieval castles, luscious green valleys and charming villages. When she is entrusted with a valuable violin by a young, homeless musician during a stop in Germany, a mean boy immediately attempts to take it from her.

Back on their cruise, Amanda struggles to keep the precious violin safe for the poor prodigy. Along the way, she encounters a mysterious monk, a Santa Claus look-alike, and the same nasty boy.

Follow Amanda down the Danube, through Germany, Austria and Hungary, as she enjoys the enchanting sounds of music everywhere she goes. She remains on the lookout though, wondering just who she can trust.

One of the early reviews.

Good Reading By LAS Reviewer on November 2, 2016

Amanda is excited. Her family and she are meeting her English friend and her parents to take a boat trip on the Danube. She’s from Canada and Leah is from England so they don’t get to see each other as much as they would have liked. They’ll have lots of sights to see, good music and museums and historical sites galore. What could go wrong?

This book can be read alone but if it’s a good fit for your child others are out there and more will be coming. The author does a good job of writing an interesting story that will keep a child’s attention without being condescending. The mystery is realistic and entertaining. These points make a good book for young ones.

Amanda and Leah are visiting the cities they stop at with their parents. They are allowed to wander alone as long as they stay together. Leah is there but she’s almost always texting with friends at home. That annoys Amanda a bit. Amanda keeps running across the same boy in their travels. He finally hands her a violin case and asks her to keep it safe. That’s going to be harder than it sounds. She hides it well but it’s obvious someone is after it.

As she asks questions she learns more about the violin and also more about the boy. Without trying to, she’s managed to get entwined in a case where thieves are after the violin because of its value. It’s the boy’s only connection to his family and he doesn’t want to lose it. Amanda has her work cut out for her, but she’s up to the task. Recommended.

BUY the Book: https://www.amazon.com/Amanda-Danube-Sounds-Music-Travels/dp/1771681020

The other books in the series

41lh3csn5ql-_uy250_51tsw0gki4l-_uy250_51pisqlz-zl-_uy250_ 51detipvyql-_uy250_

Read all the reviews and BUY the books: https://www.amazon.com/Darlene-Foster/e/B003XGQPHA


Connect to Darlene via her website: www.darlenefoster.ca


I hope that has given you some ideas for books for the younger members of the family.. Thanks for dropping in and would be grateful if you could share.. Thanks Sally

Smorgasbord Christmas Party – Guest Author Linda Bethea – Fleas don’t come home for Christmas, Willie Tharpe

Delighted to welcome Linda Swain Bethea to the party today with one of her entertaining stories of her childhood and relatives who are without a doubt rich in character. Her mother Kathleen was bro…

Source: Smorgasbord Christmas Party – Guest Author Linda Bethea – Fleas don’t come home for Christmas, Willie Tharpe

Smorgasbord Christmas Party – Guest Author Linda Bethea – Fleas don’t come home for Christmas, Willie Tharpe

christmas partyDelighted to welcome Linda Swain Bethea to the party today with one of her entertaining stories of her childhood and relatives who are without a doubt rich in character.

Her mother Kathleen was brought up during the great depression, and her recollections are part of our precious living history which needs to be preserved. Linda and Kathleen have gone one better and have compiled these stories into a wonderful book that has recently been published

Fleas Don’t Come Home for Christmas, Willie Tharpe

Daddy wasn’t just a magnet for strange characters. He beat the bushes to flush them out. If that hadn’t worked, I believe he’d have up tacked up posters. Mother had no way of anticipating who he might drag in for supper, overnight, or until further notice. I never did understand why she didn’t murder Daddy. He must have slept sometime! Willie Tharpe was a holdover from Daddy’s childhood.

Daddy came in late from work one evening a few days before Christmas about eight-thirty, after one of his rambles, as he so often did. Though he worked shift work, Mother could never anticipate his arrival. As the “Man of the House” his time was his own. Making the living was his only responsibility. It was up to Mother to handle the rest. That evening, Willie Tharpe creaked up behind him in an ancient truck with a shack on the back; not a camper, a shack. About fourteen dogs piled out of the truck windows and shack as he coasted to a stop in a place of honor, right in front of our house. Eventually, Willie emerged, swatting dogs with his hat and cursing inarticutely, in the style favored by the toothless. Mother was appalled, knowing anyone Daddy dragged in this late, especially anyone from such an interesting position on the social scale, was likely to be a houseguest. This was especially concerning a day or two before Christmas, when we’d be having company. In an expansive mood, Daddy ushered in Willie Tharpe and as many of the dogs as could squeeze in before the door slammed on them. The dogs, unused to houses, ran around jumping on us, knocking over end tables, and peeing on the Christmas tree, till Daddy had us shoo them out. Daddy was clearly thrilled to be able to show off his home and family to Willie, an old and valued family friend.

The house had looked pretty good till Willie’s dogs ransacked it, but it was a wreck now. Mother had “waited supper” for Daddy, since Daddy insisted we all eat as a family. We’d been starving for hours. We scurried to the table as Mother served up the reheated beans, potatoes, and gravy, just serving the fried chicken and biscuits cold. Though Willie’s toothless mumbling was impossible to understand, Daddy interpreted for us as Willie loaded his plate time after time, after first reaching for the liver and gizzard with his hand. The liver and gizzard were such favorites that we took turns at getting them, a matter of such import that Mother managed it herself. He ate with his knife, wiped his mouth on his sleeve, and spewed food as he mumbled. We stared in fascination. Mother never even noticed his terrible manners. After supper, he poured his coffee in his saucer, blew on it noisily, and drank from the saucer, smacking loudly after each slurp. It was repulsive. He burped without covering his mouth. When all the chicken was gone, he reached for the platter and scraped all the “scrambles” onto his plate. The “scrambles” were the crunchy bits left on the platter at the end of the meal, the prize Mother divided among us children. My mouth flew open to protest, only to catch Mother’s dirty look to “mind my manners.”

A meal with Willie did more to reinforce the importance of manners than a hundred hours of instruction. Mother should have thanked him. When it came time for bed, Daddy explained Willie would be sleeping in Billy’s room. Billy could bunk in with Phyllis and me. Mother looked fierce, but didn’t say a word. She pursed her lips and left the room. In a minute she was back with Billy’s night clothes. “Where are the dogs going to sleep?” She spat at Daddy. Daddy had always prided himself on never allowing dogs in the house until the mishap earlier that evening. “Oh, the dogs will sleep in Willie’s truck.” He was jovial, obviously not unaware of Mother’s malevolent mood and his longstanding rule on no dogs in the house. Willie looked surprised and pained. It was late December 22 and really cold. Willie muttered the first thing I’d understood that night. “I allus’ sleeps with them dawrgs. Thas’ the onliest thing that keeps an old man like me from freezing. We all pile in together. We sleeps good thataway.”

Daddy was clearly torn between his principles and his old friend. “Willie, I ain’t never had dogs in the house and I can’t start now. The dogs can’t sleep in the house.” He was saved. Willie didn’t argue, just mumbled and went off to the back bedroom. Mother was still furious. While Daddy was at work the next day, Willie hung around by the kitchen heater, smoking his smelly hand-rolled cigarettes. He was in Mother’s way all day, as she sputtered around baking and making her Christmas preparations. He smelled like his dogs, becoming more rancid smelling by the hour. The odor became more nauseating combined with the scent of cinnamon, candied fruit, orange slices, and vanilla. Mother periodically opened the doors and windows to air the kitchen.

Her mood was black by the time Daddy came rolling in at three thirty. Uncharacteristically, he’d come straight home from work, probably concerned for Willie’s safety. He took Willie off gallivanting. For once, we didn’t have to wait supper. Mother’s mood improved with Willie out of the way. We made popcorn and sang Christmas Carols. Tomorrow was Christmas Eve! Santa would be coming! Mother sent us on to bed. The next thing I knew, Daddy was yelling, “Get some water! Get the kids out of the bedroom!” As we flew out of our bedroom, a wet, naked old man made his rickety way into the kitchen, followed by a swirling pack of panicky dogs. Meanwhile, Daddy dragged smoking quilts out to the back yard. As the story unfolded, it seems Willie had been smoking his hand-rolled cigarettes in the comfort of the nest of hounds he’d slipped in after the house was abed and drifted off to sleep. Alerted of the burning covers by one of the dogs, he’d called out for help, getting Daddy in on the action.

Not surprisingly, Willie moved on the next day. Wisely, Daddy didn’t protest. We enjoyed a lovely Christmas. It was a few days before Willie’s Christmas gift to us became apparent. The house was infested with fleas. Deprived of their host, they attacked us with abandon.

Happy New Year!
About Linda Swain Bethea

win_20160620_13_24_45_proNow that I’m done with the bothersome business of workday world, I am free to pursue my passion, capturing the stories I’ve loved all my life. The ones you’ll read on my blog are good old Southern stories, a real pleasure to relay. Here in the South, we are proud of our wacky folks. I’ve preyed shamelessly on my family, living and dead, friends, neighbors, and acquaintances, often changing the names to protect the innocent and not so innocent.

My mother illustrates my blog. I come from a rollicking family of nuts, hence the name of the blog Nutsrok Enjoy.

Linda has captured the essence of her family history in her book published earlier this year which has received rave reviews.

Everything Smells Just Like Poke Salad by Linda Swain Bethea (Author) with Kathleen Holdaway Swain (Collaborator & Illustrator)

imageMost recent reviews for the book

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I knew the great depression was such a hard time, but it gives you a real perspective of what the normal everyday family went through just to feed their families. It was a sad time. However, I found the book to still be fun and uplifting. They discovered such simple things to make their life more enjoyable. Linda did a great job putting Mrs. Swain’s life on paper. I would definitely recommend this book to others.

I love this charming depression era memoir and the characters who give it life! Linda recorded her mother’s stories with an immediacy that creates the intimacy we crave in a memoir. The stories of the Holdaway family flow effortlessly as she ferries us from Kathleen’s birth to present time. Kathleen has created a true portrait of the life and times of the people that inhabited isolated small towns like Cuthand in the early twentieth century. Written in the comfortable style of “kitchen table storytelling”, it’s a quick read for any age, and will invite you in, and make you want to stay.

If you enjoy the art of storytelling, you will love the tales that jump from the pages of this hilarious book. Characters from the past literally come to life due to the colorful descriptions that the author and her mother use to give the details. I enjoyed reading about Mrs. Kathleen’s life as a young girl and loved the way she shared how things felt from her point of view. It is really wonderful that her daughter took the time to help her share her story. Shirley Martin

Read all the reviews and BUY the book: https://www.amazon.com/Everything-Smells-Just-Like-Salad-ebook/dp/B01IVUXROQ

How to connect with Linda

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Nutsrok1

Thank you for dropping into the party and I hope you enjoyed this wonderful story from Linda Bethea.. Please distribute far and wide.. thanks Sally