E-books – writing, publishing and marketing. Creating a presence in the market place.

At the end of the blog – could I ask your help please.  I am using my other book that has been published recently as an experiment in marketing for the blog on E-books.  Details at the end.  Don’t worry no money involved!!

Marketing started with your Title – now time to get ready for the launch.

So now you have a incredible title, that is also your headline for your advertising (marketing) – you have had your book edited, formatted, it has an ISBN and it is either in print or E-versions or both.

In my experience, if this is a first or second book, whatever the genre, it is a good idea to begin your marketing locally.

The first step is to create a presence.  Some people love social media websites and others cannot see the point.  Fair enough, but if you are an author or blogger you will find it difficult to get your work noticed if you have not created some form of footprint.

People tend to over estimate how many copies of their first book (and 2nd, 3rd etc) they are going to sell.  Realistically, depending on the subject matter – 100 to 150 copies of your first self-published print or E-book is about the norm unless it really catches the attention of influencers locally and in the media.

Friends, family and your social networking contacts will make up the majority of that number and therefore the more contacts you have and your family and friends have the better.  There also may be local events where your book could be promoted and sold.  One of our authors was able to market his book on Pop culture at rock and roll events around the city.

You need to tailor your profile to reflect your work.  Do not be shy about commenting on your progress throughout the writing and formatting process.  In fact why not write a blog about the journey?

You cannot come straight out of the gate – with your book, and start from scratch.  Part of your marketing process is to have already created an expectation.

I am on my seventh book and so when you google me – Sally Georgina, or G Cronin quite a few references come up (not a tenth of the references to Wilbur Smith unfortunately!)

I have spent the last 15 years developing my brand and promoting it.  My first book back in 2002 got local and national press interest and I have built on that.

The place to start is your local marketing – many national stories are picked up from local press and that includes local radio.  I began my broadcasting work in Spain because I went in with a copy of Size Matters to the local station in Marbella.  I intended leaving a copy and a letter asking for an interview, but a guest had failed to turn up.  The presenter was fuming and came into reception during a music break.  I was there and prepared so I took that guest’s place.  That turned into a weekly health slot and in time to my own radio programmes in the UK.

This also refers back to my blog on print v E-version.  I always print around 50 copies for review and marketing – competing with the thousands of new titles that have been published at the same time is tough enough – these days a book in hard copy is actually the exception and more likely to get somebody’s attention.  Just because E-books may be the medium of the future do not write off print just yet.

Before you start your promotion – spend some time online.

Google yourself. Have you a presence already that could be exploited and built on?

Google your subject matter. Has there been any topical news stories that might give you a handle to use?  For example the week before I launched Forget the Viagra – Pfizer lost its patent for Viagra in 19 European countries!

Update your Facebook and LinkedIn or any other social media website you use.  Start creating an expectation about the launch of your book.

Make an email address list of your local media – newspapers – websites – free listings – radio stations (including Internet and Community) – identify key journalists who would be appropriate – book column – health – history etc.

Make a list of postal addresses to send print copies to.  Personally when local, be prepared to walk in the door and leave at reception with a note or card with your contact details.  The personal approach is always more effective.  Even if your book is an E-version you can still hand deliver your press release.

Make an email list of national press and magazines that might be interested in your book – you may not use until after your local launch but it will be prepared.

Ask your contacts if they have any connections who might be able to help promote your book.  Remember that someone with 500 contacts on LinkedIn could have 25,000 2nd and 3rd level contacts and a note on their webpage could open doors for you.

Find out if there are appropriate local events where you might be able to take a stand to promote your print copies.

Prepare or get some help to prepare a webpage or website that you can sell through – particularly if in E-version where the margins are small.


You need to craft your press release as carefully as your book.  Take your time with it so that when you have either your e-versions ready on Amazon or your own webpage or you have the print book actually in your hand (always a good idea) you are ready to send to your prepared media lists.  Remember whenever possible hand deliver.

Next time – grabbing attention with your headline and press release.

Your help would be appreciated.

I originally wrote Sam, A Shaggy Dog Story as a tribute to a beloved family pet.  It was written from his perspective and as true to his life and experiences as I could remember. I sent copies to all the people who knew him but word got around that it was a fun read so the book became an E-book as well and is now on Amazon as well as my webpage.

As an example of creating a presence please  Google – Sam, A Shaggy Dog Story Sally Cronin – You will find a couple of pages of references already and then they change to my other books.

Then if you could go to Facebook if you are a member and like Sam’s page – that would be very helpful – and perhaps you might ask your contacts to do the same.  My aim to get 100 likes by Christmas.  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sam-A-Shaggy-Dog-Story/161113280764957

Also if you would like to connect either on my Facebook – Sally Cronin or on LinkedIn that would be great.

I have already sent some press releases out for the book – and it will be interesting how this experiment in E-book marketing goes.

Thank you very much for reading and also for any help you can give to push Sam’s book.


I would be delighted to receive your feedback (by commenting, you agree to Wordpress collecting your name, email address and URL) Thanks Sally

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