The Sunday Show – Joan Porte – Astrologer, Gastronome, Author and Blogger.

My guest today is an astrologer, gastronome, author and blogger who has published a cook book with a difference. Have you ever wondered why, even as a small child you were drawn to certain foods that perhaps your family had not eaten before? Perhaps you wonder about your preference for a particular cultural style of cooking such as Italian or Chinese. In Signs of the Tines – Joan Porte reveals the answers to those questions and also shares recipes and foods that the individual astrological signs are drawn to and prefer.

I do consult my astrological forecasts monthly and I have two or three astrologers that I find are usually spot on. I used to read a great many more forecasts but one day decided to conduct an experiment. I consulted none for a month and then went back retrospectively and chose the two or three who had nailed the forecasts during that time period. Obviously I shall be adding Joan Porte to that exclusive list…

When we moved here to Madrid 15 years ago we began to meet people out with their dogs when we were walking ours. Over the years those chance meetings have turned into enduring friendships and on one occasion, shortly after we met, we began having regular dinners. In conversation we discovered that out of the five couples all the women including myself are Aquarians and actually so are two of the men….End of January and early February are very busy party months!

I was delighted to find out when I was researching for Joan’s interview that as an Aquarian I respond best to fish – which is actually one of my favourite proteins and I eat three or four times a week. I just hope that I have been feeding my husband, who is a Capricorn a similarly compatible diet for the last 34 years!


Joan has been interested in astrology since her teens but began to take a more focused interest in her mid -thirties when she began an intensive study of Western Astrology.

How did you become interested in astrology in the first place?
I always had the interest – I guess it was left over from a previous life. I can remember as a young teen grabbing books about astrology and devouring every piece.

Millions of people around the world are fascinated by astrology. What do you think are the main reasons that they feel the need to consult their forecasts daily, weekly and monthly?
That energy is in the universe and is speaking to us. Unfortunately, here in the West in particular, we have turned off the receivers. We are wandering around in a state of disconnect – we no longer celebrate the solstices, the equinoxes –we have fake holidays and we don’t listen to the universe anymore. What people are doing when they read those daily forecasts – which they should not do I might add- is trying to fill that void in some way.

At one time many thousands of years ago the planets such as the Sun and Moon held a great deal of influence over how we lived, grew food and worshipped. Some cultures still revere this more nature orientated approach to life. Why have western cultures moved so far from these origins?
Many reasons, most of it goes back to the changes of religions. You know the word heathen comes from the heathers – people who didn’t live in cities… As more authoritarian religions took over – the nature lovers – or tree huggers as we would call them – went into the country. The city folks won out – and as we got more “citified” we lost touch with the basics of nature.

Modern Man takes for granted the Sun and how its energy propels and sustains life. Moon energy controls the tides yet we ignore the other more personal influences it has on our bodies and lives. Humanity has disconnected from its source and consequently suffers emotionally, spiritually and physically.

How do you feel your connection to astrology has influenced your life and in what areas?
Oh how many hours do you have? Well, it is what I do – who I am. It made my life clearer – when I learned that I carried over issues from previous lives and learned how to chart my previous lives – and those of my clients it was a wonderful moment. More importantly, now I help clients get the most out of this lifetime – which is why I invented the Astrological Bucket List that determines what is your soul’s desire in this lifetime. What should we each accomplish now to get the most out of this incarnation. It is wonderful to watch people follow the “right path” for them, if you will.

There are a number of factors that affect our astrological charts and the way our lives might develop. Can you give us the top key influences that affect a chart that you might draw up for a person?
For me it is the South Node, which tells me about your previous life. The North Node, where your soul is moving in this lifetime, as well as Pluto, the planet of change and transformation and the Ascendant or rising sign – which is a big indicator of your personality.

Each person is born with a map – a soul map – that is his or her astrological chart. It is a map through the maze of life that shows the karma we need to balance and our soul’s desire for a life that leads to enhanced soul growth. I simply read the map – illustrating where you have been and where you are going to make your journey through life less bumpy.

Franklin and Eleanor

Astrological chart for Eleanor Roosevelt

This particular chart, as an example,for Eleanor Roosevelt who was the longest serving First Lady of the United States, politician and wife of Franklin D Roosevelt who served four terms as President.

I watched your very interesting video on YouTube Demystify Your Astrological Chart where you describe a chart as a road map – does this mean we can make pit stops and detours in that time and then come back to the road later or are those already inserted into the map?
The map is up to us to follow. I call myself an Astrological GPS – some people follow the path and some people revert to old ways – it is all a matter of free will and knowledge.

There are definitely some common traits for each of the signs as I mentioned earlier. My father and my husband’s birthdays for example are a day apart in January but with a 36 year difference. They both were in the same field originally in Electrical Engineering; both are very handy around the house and share the same attention to detail as well as other personality similarities. Is that down to them both sharing an astrological sign or is it down to me choosing a man similar to my father who is compatible with my sign?
Oh no the Sun sign is HIGHLY overrated. They may have some similarities but we would have to see what other key elements are each chart. The handiness could be a family trait – a valuable one!
9780978853518-CoverSignOfTines.inddASTROLOGY AND FOOD

Sharing a love of good food also brings people together. How did you discover that there might be a deeper meaning to the foods we enjoy other than just taste?
My family came to America from Italy so I had a rich experience with cooking and eating. A friend of mine said you love to cook and you are an astrologer – why not combine them – and I did!

Signs of the Tines is a stunning book and fully illustrated. How long did it take you to source and develop the recipes and bring the book together?
Thank you – it took me a few years. Some of those recipes were handed down by my mother, some I developed, some I got from friends.

Can you share briefly some of the foods that are connected to some of the signs?
Well some were easy. Virgo – I had to go the healthy route -they are all about controlling and perfecting that body. Taurus people on the other hand are the epicures of the Zodiac – so I had a lot of fun with the cream sauces and the like!

When exploring the connection between the astrological signs and food did you discover some surprises about yourself or family and friends with regard to foods you already ate?
I found some wonderful old recipes from my mother and grandmother that had been buried away and that was terrific.

In my field I make connections between the nutritional content of the foods we eat and our general health. Is there a connection between our astrological profile and our health and therefore the foods each sign is more attuned to?
Oh yes – but not always so much the Sun sign. In the book I tell people to get to know their rising sign and what is in the 6th house – the house of health. Those are going to give you a much bigger idea of what you like and what is good for you!

You are obviously a lover of great food in general. What is your favourite all time dish or your favourite from the book?
I am a carb- freak – Italian Pasta.. I watch my weight but last meal would be pasta carbonara, bread pudding, pastina and pesto (from my childhood.) Chocolate chip cookies, donuts and cupcakes – maybe with a little pate on the side – for protein you know. Here is a plate of Pastina and Pesto – delicious.

pastina and pesto You have a regular podcast that is available on the Internet – what topics do you cover?
You name it – we do everything from lipsology – the art of reading lip prints, to past life regression to dog whispering.

Before we move onto the regular Sunday Show feature each week perhaps you could let us know what new projects you are working on?
My Astrological Bucket List – I want people to do those things that are good for their souls before they move on!

Now to Sunday Lunch
You have invited three guests for Sunday Lunch – who would they be (past or present, fictional or real)? And why?
Harriet Tubman for her amazing courage. Oscar Wilde because he would go on and on and be very entertaining and said that he couldn’t stand anyone who didn’t take food seriously. Finally it would be Martha Johnson Patterson, the daughter of President Andrew Johnson who did so much to restore the White House after the Civil War but because of her father’s less than stellar term in office has been forgotten.

What is your favourite meal that you would serve them – a main course and a dessert?
Well we don’t know when Ms. Tubman was born but it is thought to have been in March 1822. I see the courage of the Aries fighter in her but I would serve her something no-nonsense but in a very elegant way – like my Yankee Pot Roast but served in a lovely platter because she deserves something grand. The same thing for Ms. Patterson, she was a no-nonsense Scorpio – glazed carrots and baby potatoes with the pot roast! Oscar’s Libra qualities would be very pleased with some pate and plenty of champagne. For dessert an Apple Tatin – Oscar loved French food and the women would appreciate seeing good old American apples.


What beverage would you consider the ideal accompaniment to the meal?
Champagne for Oscar and country hard cider for the women.

What music would you have playing in the background?
Something very soft and classical – I wouldn’t want to miss a word Oscar said!

LINKS ( is an interview that Joan did on television.

I am grateful to Joan for taking time out from her very busy schedule to talk to us today and hope that you will visit her sites and listen to her podcast.

Next week Matt Kruze – author and blogger will be talking about writing and his blog where he interviews successful people to try to define what the word Success actually means and how it might be achieved.

Thank you as well for popping by and would love to hear from you and also feel free to share in as many places as possible…..have a great week. Sally

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  2. Reblogged this on Jo Robinson and commented:
    It’s the Sunday Show with our lovely Sally Cronin, and a really, really interesting one today with the connection between food and star signs. I’m off to buy that book, because now I HAVE to know if my sweet tooth is a fishy old pisces thing………


  3. Great interview although being Taurus I’m a bit concerned about getting the book now…Although I don’t eat meat I don’t think that would keep me safe! I’d be with her on the Oscar Wilde front. I’ve always been a big fan. I’ll make sure I check her sites often. Thanks Sally and Joan!

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  4. Joan ~~ It was a true delight to meet you!
    Sally ~~ I was absolutely glued to this interview. Years ago i invested in very expensive Kepler software that included astro locality maps. It was yet another time that i was willing to move just about anywhere for the right job. I was fascinated by the details and predictions — as well as the things i verified when i charted past locations. I just wish i had not dismissed the part that said i’d be “accident prone” in my current location! LOL. Yep, it was right. 😀
    Sadly the software “mysteriously” disappeared when i moved here (along with a few other items)… It was a big purchase for me… maybe one day i’ll do it again.
    Meanwhile, i’m intrigued by Joan’s concept of how astrology relates to food. I must investigate! Thanks for the video links.
    Mega-hugs to you both.


  5. Thank you, Joan. Thanks so much, Sally. Fascinating interview, but yes, where does Pisces fit in all of this? Off to purchase this book for sure. It’s a terrible sweet tooth together with carbs for me…”No, no, no!” After all my struggles, perhaps I had no choice?? Predestine?

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  6. I am a HUGE fan of Joan, I have actually had 2 readings for my Birth Chart and Solar return, she is AMAZING, I love to listen to both MP3 recordings , just LEARN so much! GREAT post and the cookbook is just too much fun, I love the Gazpacho in it, different and fun!


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