Buy A Book For Christmas – Mira Prabhu – Southern India

Welcome to the Buy a Book for Christmas series and today something from ancient India.

mira prabhu green dress

Another author who has kindly contributed to the blog as a guest is Mira Prabhu who lives in southern India. I read and reviewed her first book Whip of the Wild God and was delighted when she asked me to beta read her next novel Krishna’s Counsel which hopefully will be out in time to promote for Christmas too.

It is also great to reveal a brand new stunning cover for Whip of the Wild God.


Unless you are living in an isolated island without the benefit of outside communication you will be quite aware of the frantic pace of modern life and the violence against man and nature that seems to be unrelenting. However, as they say ‘there is nothing new in history!’

Mira Prabhu takes us back to ancient India where life and times are both turbulent and harsh where we meet a young girl called Ishvari in her remote village. She has already experienced the unforgiving reality of life and whenever she can she seeks comfort in a forbidden valley where gods and a wise man live and reign. Ishvari is a free spirit with a touch of wildness about her but she is selected to become one of the most revered women in the nation as a Tantrika whose role is to bring the ruling tyrant back into line by igniting the fires of enlightenment within him.

The story could be one from our modern day – or a fairy tale from centuries past but the time and setting of this journey by Ishvari to her own enlightenment is both absorbing and addictive.

Mira Prabhu is a wonderful story teller and uses a sensuous rhythm and flow to her plot that takes you through Ishvari’s intensive spiritual training, her turbulent time in the capital and the adventurous and dangerous path that she follows.

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To find out more about Mira here is the link to her Sunday Show interview.

The books to date in the series from Jo Robinson and Olga Nunez Miret can be found here.



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