Buy a Book Cover for Christmas – Mishi Bellamy – Artist and Illustrator

What do you buy an author for Christmas?  Well how about a unique book cover design that will add the wow factor to their latest creative project.  A book cover is the headline, the advertising pitch and the visual representation of the hard work that has gone into putting those words on paper.. It deserves the best.  Mishi Bellamy has designed for some of the iconic names in music and design since the 60s and is now offering her stunning artwork to authors.


Mishi Bellamy is a painter and illustrator with an amazing portfolio of work that began in the heady and slightly pyschedelic days of the mid 1960s. Mishi worked with The Beatles in their Apple boutique, designed graphics and interiors for Forbidden Fruit as well as designing album covers for the 60s music scene.

Mishi lives in France and India, working in several mediums. Digital design is one of her obvious passions. By using traditional Indian Miniature drawing, mixed with contemporary backgrounds her clever images have become a great way for some clients to buy her work, either as posters or signed limited-edition Indian Images prints.

Recently Mishi co-illustrated Jonathan & Angela Scott’s Antarctica book.



A book cover is not just the wrapping paper around an author’s work. It has to grab the attention of the passing eye of the potential customer and shout ‘Me, Me, come and read Me’.

Today thousands of books are published in print and in E-versions and for our own books to stand out from all our competition we need to get that ‘Me, Me’ down to a fine art.

Which is where an artist such as Mishi Bellamy comes in. Of course there is a price to pay for your ‘Wow’ factor but you will be pleasantly surprised how affordable that might be.

I recently featured Mira Prabhu’s book Whip of the Wild God as one of the Books for Christmas and rather than just the front cover of that amazing book – here is the full design.

WWotG complete cover test small

Over the next few weeks I will be featuring other designs by Mishi – some already in cover format for best selling books, but also others that are just waiting to be adopted to enhance and showcase a book yet to hit the market. You can find her work at the following links.

New Website:
Facebook :
Skype: Mishi Bellamy



13 thoughts on “Buy a Book Cover for Christmas – Mishi Bellamy – Artist and Illustrator

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  2. Yes, yes, yes, Mishi Bellamy is an utterly amazing artiste — I am so very glad to be the link between her and another amazing woman who supports us all so generously and intelligently — Sally Cronin. Much love to you both from rainy and cyclone-hit Arunachala in south India…Mira


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