Buy A Book For Christmas – Tess (Teresa) Karlinski – Two Anthologies

Tess (Teresa) Karlinski


Tess has become a warm and encouraging friend who supports others without a moment’s hesitation. I had the pleasure of interviewing her recently and you can find a link to the Sunday show below.

For the last few months I have been following the trip that Tess made to China and enjoying every minute of her daily accounts. China has been hidden from us in the West for so long and whilst some of their customs and their culture do seem a little bewildering at times it is wonderful to see beyond the official tourist promotion.

Apart from articles on a number of subjects Tess has contributed to two anthologies and I think that they would make wonderful gifts for Christmas or at any time of the year.

I love collections of poetry, real life experiences and short stories from several authors that you can dip into even if you have little time to relax…. Short story and article writing is very skilful and anthologies are the place to find the pick of the best. It is a testament to Tess’s creative writing and expertise in this area that she is in both these anthologies.

It is also a great place for aspiring authors to start and get published work out there whilst waiting for their first novel and to establish themselves as a writer.

These anthologies were published this summer. And a little note from Tess for the compiler.

“Russ Towne of A Grateful Man blog compiled the stories for Palpable Imaginings and Slices of Life. I’m thrilled he chose to include my stories in his anthologies. Thank you, Russ.”

Slices of Life

Palpable Imaginings2

Tess at the Sunday Show.

LINKS for Tess.

Teresa Karlinski writes and blogs from Canada.
Read her blog at how the cookie crumbles (read: Friends – page 6)         (read: Slammed – page 11)


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