The Cholesterol Myth – Part One – Why your body needs cholesterol.

The Cholesterol Myth – Part One – Why your body needs cholesterol..

5 thoughts on “The Cholesterol Myth – Part One – Why your body needs cholesterol.

  1. Very interesting! I’ve long believed that we have been targeting the wrong food groups in our search for a healthy lifestyle. My experimentations prompted by Carys’s medical conditions have shown this. I’m interested in the link with cortisol, as Carys doesnt produce any, and she also has a very serious heart condition. I’m sure there must be a connection there somewhere… another lead to investigate, thank you!


    • I began researching about five years ago when writing my men’s health book and also when exploring my mother’s and brother-in-law’s dementia. My mother would barely eat fat and with a lower appetite ate less as she got into her 90s. I ended up slipping fish oil and olive oil into her food and making avocado sandwiches.. she did not see those as fat…whilst the low density lipoprotein is potentially harmful it too has a role to play and certainly the brain and eyes are effected by lack of it and without healthy cholesterol levels hormones cannot be produced. I will be looking at various aspects over the next three posts this week and next. Glad you found interesting.


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  3. Very interesting article. Last year I took two online courses at FutureLearn about looking after the heart, and the liver and how they both work. The heart one was a real eye-opener with the way the stuff sticks to your artery walls and can detach at any time and do all sorts of damage. In the other I was amazed at just how important the liver is to our health.

    I look forward to cementing my knowledge with your posts. I intend buying kale today, after finding that steamed kale is the best vegetable for lowering cholesterol. Mine has been high for ages, but I refused medication for it. It’s bad enough I have to take hypertension pills – for now.

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