Five Star Treatment – The Last Observer: A Magical Battle for Reality by G. Michael Vasey


Welcome to the first of the Five Star Treatments this week although this is the second book featured for best-selling author G. Michael Vasey. The Last Observer: A Magical Battle for Reality. I think that there are many of us who from time to time might like to alter reality…..the book has received many terrific reviews and I suggest that you read the others on both the UK and US Amazon sites as well as Goodreads.

LO Cover

About the book

In the Last Observer, The Lord of the Elements wants to change reality. He has enlisted the evil Zeltan to help him and together they will try to recruit Stanley, a man gifted with incredible imaginative capabilities to help them. Unless Edward and his friends can stop them. A tale of white and black magic, quantum physics and a plot that twists and turns…. Features a compelling foreword by Anthony Peake, author of Is There Life After Death? and many other best selling books.

The Review

Alternate Realities – By Bonnie Cehovet Vine Voice on July 31, 2013 Format: Paperback (review excerpt) “To the seekers of hidden knowledge everywhere, the way is long and hard. Don’t cut corners!” from the book

The foreword, by Anthony Peake, begins with the statement that for centuries there has been a secret, occult tradition that developed in a parallel fashion with science. Identical in form in the beginning, their approach to reality included both the outer, physical world, and the inner world of thoughts and ideas. Mind and matter were both aspects of a deeper reality, to be investigated through experimentation and observation.
Gradually the investigation of our inner and outer worlds began to take the form of two separate paths. Natural philosophy split into two conflicting world views – the Physical and the Magical. Vasey takes this perspective into the “real” world, in the form of a story of alternate realities, magic, and murder. Straight out of Alfred Hitchcock! Black and white magicians out to manipulate the power of an ordinary man with extraordinary powers of visualization and observation. (If you can picture it in your mind, you can manifest it!)

The story begins with the death of a psychic – a psychic that had been helping the police solve crimes. We meet Edward – an individual who reads about this crime, and realizes that it resembles many others that he had stumbled across, and they were all psychics!

We meet Stan … an individual who lives through books, lives through the images he creates in his mind. Here is where we meet the quantum world. Then we find Edward and Stan together, in a pub, awkwardly discussing the nature of reality. Edward brings up the thought that there are two realities … and that they are not compatible. Stan is getting a little nervous! It turns out the Edward is there to tell Stan that he is in danger. When Edward shows Stan why he thinks Stan is in danger, the story deepens. Hundreds of deaths, and the one connection between them all … they were keen observers! Through these deaths someone is trying to change reality. And, by the way, Edward is a magician! A White Magician. And the reality is … there are also Black Magicians!

Other characters are brought in, and through them, we see the magical world, the world of elemental power. We see how personal will can be used to manifest a new reality.

I found this to be an incredible book, with a strong plot, well defined characters, and a very in-depth understanding of the material discussed (quantum physics, reality, the power of observation and more). It so reminded me of a Sherlock Holmes era story, with its twists and turns. I am sure that I will find the need to read this story again and again!

Book Trailer

About the author


Michael Vasey is a Yorkshire man and rabid Tigers fan that has spent most of his adult life lost deep in Texas and more lately, in the Czech Republic. While lucky enough to write for a living as a leading analyst in the commodity trading and risk management industry, he surreptitiously writes strange poems and equally strange books and stories on the topics of metaphysics, the occult and the paranormal on the side, hoping that one-day, someone might actually buy them.

After growing up experiencing ghosts, poltergeist and other strange and scary experiences, he developed an interest in magic and the esoteric. These days he fancies himself as a bit of a mystic and a magician to boot. Most of his inspiration for his scribbling comes from either meditation or occasionally, very loud heavy metal music.
He has appeared on radio shows such as Everyday Connection and X Radio with Rob McConnell to tell strange and scary stories. He has also been featured in Chat – Its Fate magazine and interviewed by Ghost Village and Novel Ideas amongst others. You can find him on his blog, Twitter and reviewing books on Strange Book Reviews.

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Here is the link to My Haunted Life Too True Tales of the Paranormal By G.Michael Vasey which is in the top 10 supernatural books on Amazon UK and was featured a couple of weeks ago.

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