How you can help me share your blog and promote your books, art, music for FREE

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As a writer I am delighted when a fellow blogger or contact on social media shares my work or my posts. In turn it gives me great pleasure to reciprocate but it helps when people come to me or make it easy for me to share their books, posts, tweets etc.

On WordPress there are a number of buttons that you can install that enables others to follow and share. I notice that some bloggers choose not to display the Reblog button which is quite useful as a sharing method… If a post is special, relevant, contains important information or is entertaining reblogging helps bring traffic to your blog and also gets your post to a wider audience. When it is reblogged only the first paragraph or sentences are shown and then you have to click a link to be taken to the original. It is also best if the person who reblogs puts in a note about who the blogger is and the nature of the post.

By setting up the Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc buttons you enable readers of the post to share the link to your post on their sites. This means that if 10 people read your post and share via all of these sites you could be reaching thousands of potential readers.

If you are on Twitter then I do suggest that you put in a profile indicating your interests and also a link to your blog. A photo or an image of some sort is a good thing. I tend not to follow an egg image with just a name and no details. You have 160 characters and if you want like-minded people to be interested enough to follow you, use to its best advantage.

I also go into the twitter accounts of my main list of contacts that I regularly interact with. It is very useful to if there is a pinned tweet with a specific message about some important aspect of your work. Use it as an extension of your profile to put the link to your book promo video or to your author’s page on Amazon… Change your pinned tweet every few weeks to promote another aspect of your work.

If you are not familiar with this facility it is really easy.  When you have posted a tweet.. go into your tweets directory under your profile and you will then see your latest tweet at the top.  Click on the three little dots and you will be given an option to pin the tweet. Click this and it will tell you that by doing so any previous pinned tweet will be deleted.. click that you agree and at the top of the stream you will see a button which invites you to view the tweet in the pinned position.. very easy and an important promotional tool.

So please make it easy for me to share your talent.

I am on social media and tend to work mainly with the following sites.

LinkedIn. I have been on LinkedIn for many years and used primarily for my work related posts. In the last year more and more Indie Authors are using the site to promote their own work and others and it is also a great place to lay out your shop front in more detail. I do believe that people buy people first and sharing your career background can build credibility and illustrate that you have gained some life experience. As with most sites you can like, comment and share posts so it is another opportunity to build up a circle of like-minded people who support each other and their work.

LinkedIn has an invitation system in place. You will be asked how you know a person and if you do not click one of the boxes then you need to enter an email address. If you would like to connect to me then click that we have done business together as blogger at Smorgasbord, my job at Moyhill publishing or put in my work email address which is

Facebook. You will see two Facebook addresses and one is for my personal account and the other is my book site and where I also post my blog articles. I would be happy to connect with you on either or both.

Twitter is a bit like marmite and some people do not get it at all. I set up my account to help build a presence on social media that I could use not only for my books but also as I intend to return to radio presenting as some point, pick up my nutritional therapy practice and also my training consultancy.. A strong web presence including LinkedIn and FB will be useful when I do as well as giving me an opportunity to keep up with new trends in health, music and books.

What I did not expect was that Twitter would become my second largest referrer to my blog in the last year which for me is a good indicator that it works. I have found some amazing guests for the Sunday Show including William Price King who is now such a key contributor to the blog.

I am very happy to retweet your important news about your work so if you tag me on @sgc58 when you are releasing a book, had a rave review, a new promo video etc then I will share it.

All my links are here and look forward to hearing from you

Guest posts and interview opportunities.

Even if you have lots of followers you still might like to reach a few more by guest posting on various subjects. My blog covers a number of topics and I would love to hear from you if you have an interest, hobby, skill, film review, recipe etc that you would like to share with my readers. You get to have a bio and a promotion of your own work too. Apart from being promoted on my social media sites you can reblog on your own site and also post again a little later for those who missed the first time around.

The Sunday Show New Format October 2015

This is open to all creative writers, artists, musicians and bloggers

The new show is in the format of a Sunday Lunch where guests bring a virtual guest who has inspired them and either a main course or a dessert that means something to them.  Send me a note to and I will put you on my list.

Sally’s Christmas Grotto

This series was very successful last year and this year is proving to be no exception. If you would like to feature your books, artwork, design, jewellery, clothing, music or any creative gifts then let me know.  Here is an example.

Five Star Treatment.

If you have had a great review for you work and would like to share that then please get in touch. Whilst nobody responds to people who feel the necessity to talk about themselves and their work continually there is also no place for false modesty when you are a writer. You write for others to read. If you have a great review for your books, art, poetry, photography or music then let me know. This also means that previous books can get another boost particularly if you are about to publish new work.

If you have converted your print versions into Ebook it is a chance to use reviews from that edition to promote the fact that you are now available to download.

New Book Fanfare

If you have had a book released in the last month and would like to add further promotion to your launch then please consider a New Book Fanfare which reaches out across social media to 20,000 of my contacts and thousands more when reblogged and retweeted.  Details and previous posts here.

All these promotions are completely FREE and you have nothing to lose but a little time submitting your details.

Look forward to hearing from you. best wishes Sally Cronin

So that is just some of the ways that I can share your creativity.. Thank  you as always for dropping by and I am very grateful that you have done so.. Please leave a comment so that I know who you are..


149 thoughts on “How you can help me share your blog and promote your books, art, music for FREE

  1. I try to do my best to help other authors and bloggers by reblogging a lot. I would love to do more, for my own benefit as well as theirs, and I can see you are the person to steer me well. Thank you for all your advice…

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  2. Thanks Sally. This is all great advice. Interesting that you said about the reblog button. i thought I’d check mine, just to make sure; and I couldn’t see it on my blog. I went into admin and had it selected – still no button. It was only after I clicked on the comments that it showed up beside the like button. I wonder if this is true for others too. I’ll have to take note.
    I use Twitter more than Facebook and Linkedin. I’m not finding my way around them very well yet. I probably need to spend more time exploring. Thanks for the prompts.

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  4. Found you on Reader this morning! Two thousand and fifteen was a difficult year for me. My son, in July, and I, in October, were diagnosed with cancer. It was an adjustment of mind and body, however, we both have a good attitude and continue to educate others about a little known cancer.

    I am keeping a journal of sorts about my experiences happening with doctors and how I feel about their actions.

    You sound like a very resourceful, energetic person willing to help others. Not often to find this in today’s world of writing. Thank you for this post. I shall revisit as the new year approaches.


    • I am sorry Linda that this year has held such a huge challenge for you and your son. The odds must be astronomical but it sounds as though you have found a way to make a difference to others. Your journal will make for a powerful read.. Looking forward to getting to know you more in 2016.. Wishing you health and love for 2016. best wishes Sally

      Liked by 1 person

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