New Book Fanfare – The Gifts of Argostar – Part One and Two by Georgina Lee


Today I am trying out a new format for books that are part of a series. It makes sense to me to include a reference to previous books since I usually include details of several of the author’s work anyway. Let me have your feedback.. Oh and while you are doing that perhaps you might like to submit your own work for either the New Book Fanfare or the Five Star Treatment..

About the Books

bmphinn-72dpi-1500x2000(1)The Gifts of Argostar  Part One The Catch, The Lure, The Demand by Georgina Lee

Far away in a distant solar system-

Worlds hang in the delicate balance between war and peace. Their fate hinges on a handful of people and the unique abilities given to them by the deity known as The Mother of Vatrel, a mysterious creature who warned the people, eons ago, to put aside their selfish ways.
But selfishness is never easy to relinquish…

516gXRWGqSL._UY250_The Gifts of Argostar – Book Two..The Alliance, The Rescue. Published August 25th 2015.

The epic stories continue from where The Gifts of Argostar – Part One ended. The Gifts of Argostar – Part Two has two novellas. In the first, entitled The Alliance, the twin planets must unite to end a war, but the unification brings two powerful leaders nose to nose. Then in The Rescue, pride gets in the way when the ceasefire is rejected. Two more exciting fantasy stories to enjoy!

Other books by Georgina Lee



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About the Author:

71PnouZGjcL._UX250_Georgina Lee is the pen name for Barbara Phinney when she is writing sci-fi romances, time travels and mysteries. Her time travel novella, The Time Star, takes a peek at winter in nineteenth-century life in rural Ontario.

Her mysteries are quirky retakes on Sherlock Holmes plus the Bay of Fundy romantic suspense stories, Cape of Secrets, which is a gothic mystery set in Nova Scotia, and Death on the Ocean Floor, set in New Brunswick.

When the evil Georgina isn’t plotting to embarrass Barbara, she is living in eastern Canada with her husband and barn cats to help fill her empty nest.

If you would like to contact her, her email address is

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17 thoughts on “New Book Fanfare – The Gifts of Argostar – Part One and Two by Georgina Lee

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  2. I just wrote a series of 8 novels about a civilization that had to move across the galaxy to a new solar system. At the core, I think it might be considered science fiction with romantic relationships at its core.


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