Christmas Grotto 2015 – Children’s Books – Ben and the Spider Gate by Angela Fish

Christmas Grotto

Todays featured book would make a great gift for children aged 4-7 and is written by Angela Fish. The first book is now available with parts two and three following next year.

The Series: Ben and the Spider Gate

These are independent stories with the same central characters. Ben, Jess, Gran, Scoot the dog, and Lox figure in varying degrees in each book. It’s the characters who contribute to the magical elements that vary, as well as some of the locations.


About the Book: Ben and the Spider Gate Book One

An ordinary boy discovers a secrets insect kingdom at the bottom of his garden.

Ben loves chatting to his wise Gran, playing computer games with his best friend Jess, and helping his dad to train his clever dog Scoot. Best of all though, he likes playing ball in the garden with Scoot. Then one hot, summer day Ben meets Lox, the gate-keeper of the spider kingdom under the garden hedge.

Lox desperately needs Ben’s help before the end of the autumn, but can Ben save the spider kingdom without leaving the garden and going into the deep, dark wood? The leaves are starting to fall, and Ben and Jess must take a brave decision if the spiders are to have a safe winter.

Talking to Gran, Ben begins to suspect that she might know more about his quest than she’s admitting.

The reviews

“A heart-warming and magical tale which will really capture your child’s imagination. My son really enjoyed the book and very much identified with Ben and Lox. Each evening he wanted to hear the next instalment and was very captured by the story.” Maria Grachvogel – London-based fashion designer.

From Howell’s Junior School (Independent Girls’ School, Cardiff) – (Year 2 only – July 2015)

The author and ex-Howell’s girl Angela Fish visited Year 2 today. Angela’s book “Ben and the Spider Gate” isn’t out until September, but we were lucky enough to be sent a sneak preview copy a few weeks ago and so were thrilled to meet the author. We all had masses of questions to ask Angela, not only about the story, but also how she writes her books and where she gets her ideas. We saw illustrations from the book and learned all about the process of how it was published. We then had a real treat when Angela read out an extract from the next book in the series, and had a huge surprise when she left us a copy of the new story to read. It won’t be out until Spring next year so this is a real thrill – thank you so much, Angela!


St Michael’s R C Primary (mixed, Treforest) – (Years 2, 3 and 4 participated)

Classroom Assistant: I sat in when the class teacher was reading ‘Ben and the Spider Gate’ to the children at story time. It was clear from their faces that they were enjoying it. When it was time to finish the session, even I didn’t want the teacher to stop!

Teacher: The pupils were really keen to move on from chapter to chapter. I think they would have been happy to have heard the book all in one go! They were keen to find out more about how the story was written, so Angela Fish was invited in on World Book Day in March 2015 and I think she was surprised at the number of questions that they asked. I know that the teachers in the other classes that read the story feel the same way.

Pupils: ‘Gran was my favourite – I think she’s wise and she’s kind.’

‘I liked Scoot because he’s like my dog – clever but a bit naughty.’

‘Ben was naughty to go into the woods and to take Jess with him, but he was only trying to help Lox and the other spiders.’

 Buy the Book

Publishers:   (books can be bought on-line)

About the author.


Angela Fish is a writer who specialises in intergenerational communication, women’s writing and Welsh Writing in English. She gained her M.Phil in Literature at the University of Glamorgan (now the University of South Wales) in 1995, and became a principal lecturer there until 2009. Her publications include non-fiction, fiction, short stories and poetry, often with Welsh and feminist themes, and she has worked with local schools and communities to improve communication between the generations. She has been in demand, nationally and internationally, as a conference presenter and an invited speaker in her field. Ben and the Spider Gate is her first book for children.

Connect with Angela

Interview on:

The first in the new Christmas Grotto Series from yesterday is here.

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Like any store, word of mouth is the vest way to advertise.. please help spread the word about this great book for children by Angela Fish.  Feedback always gratefully received. thanks Sally



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