A cautionary note from the small dog

Sam was terrified of fireworks and I know that he would have been under the tent with Ani.. I know that they can look spectacular in a big display but personally would be happy if they were banned completely. Noisy and dangerous.

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ani 003Er, hello?

Who said you needed to have fireworks for Halloween? Hmm? I know there is that Bonfire Night thingy coming up… I know ‘cause it gets dark early then they start letting of the whizz-pop-bangs every night… and I guess they are allowed for that. But Halloween? I don’t think so…

It’s bad enough spending Bonfire Night under her chair, and New Year, without starting this malarkey in October… and it’s still going on tonight too!

It’s not that I’m a scaredy-cat or anything. I just don’t like the things. So I hide wait under her chair till they’ve stopped.

Last year, she was rotten and took a picture. This year she has learned her lesson and draped a big, black blanket over the chair so it is like a tent underneath. That’s much more dignified. And I’m handy in case she needs me… you never know, she might…

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5 thoughts on “A cautionary note from the small dog

  1. My dog, Sassy, used to be terrified of fireworks also and thunder. Here in my part of the world, they would start a few days before a designated holiday and drive both of us crazy. I don’t mind one day, but not multiples. I feel for Sam!

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