New book in series – The Chronicles of Xannia – Cadence of Consequences by M.J. Moores

Lake view Parquelagos DSCN0207Welcome to another new book in series and today science fiction, fantasy with The Chronicles of Xannia. Part Two Cadence of Consequences was released late last year as a sequel to Time’s Tempest.

About The Chronicles of Xannia Series

Taya learns a terrifying secret about her world just as a false prophet claims that answers to the planet’s climate change lie in finding the Ancient Chronicles. Taya is goaded into leading him and his followers on this quest into the Deserts – a veritable death zone. While they search for a lost truth, Taya uncovers the ultimate conspiracy as she fights a destiny she knew nothing of.

In book two, Taya is a fugitive from her old life now trapped ‘for her own good’ in a secret underground city. The consequences to her decisions have left her friendless and hounded by a religious sect idolizing someone she’s not. But fate isn’t done with her now that rebellion looms.

415TEHbsV5L._UY250_About Part One – Time’s Tempest

Embarking as a guide into the death zones that are the Deserts, Taya leads a group of civilians who blindly follow a prophet obsessed with preventing the planet Xannia from environmental self-destruction. Here, fate and destiny wage war propelling an epic search for truth amidst 2000 year old lies, in opposition to a government bent on burying ancient secrets and anyone who goes looking for them. As Taya desperately attempts to keep the prophet and his followers alive, this journey forces her to grapple with the circumstances of her past which have aligned to hurdle her into her darkest memories; making choices she never wanted to consider; learning truths she was never meant to know.

Reviews of Time’s Tempest

A Sci-Fi Adventure with an undercurrent of romance, “Time’s Tempest” is one of the best reads a reader can pick up this month. ~ InD’Tale Magazine Feb 2015-12-30

Moores has a knack for a vibrant depiction of sound, taste and view, making the reading highly imaginable. ~ Readers’ Favorite May 2015-12-30

Time’s Tempest is an epic journey, with so many twists and turns my head is still spinning. There is action throughout, and the intrigue, the sheer excitement of the journey had me completely hooked. ~ The Writing Room 101


 About Part Two -Cadence of Consequences

She risks losing her life above-ground, in the city she loves, and for what? possibly harming the innocent if she remains hidden below…

Trapped in a foreign Underground world, Taya battles inner demons and alienation as the man she promised to protect… to love… remains firmly planted in the government’s cross-hairs; hell bent on fulfilling his destiny to change the world. Constantly accosted by a fanatic sect of the Followers of Light, praising her as a false goddess in a religion she never truly believed in, Taya searches for something to return a sense of meaning and purpose in her life. As her skepticism for the impending coup grows so too does Gerrund’s lack of trust, undermining not only her sense of self-worth but their ability to overthrow a corrupt government.

Even as Taya desperately works to establish a communication network spanning the Deserts in an effort to keep a promise she never should have made, her past interferes causing any sense of the future to spiral out of control. It is up to Taya to fix herself and her fractured relationships in order to embrace her destiny and help two very different men attempt to alter the course of history.

Some of the early reviews for Cadence of Consequences.

Moores’ vivid prose is descriptive and she creates a fascinating alien world. her greatest strength is her characters; individuals in their own rights. The plot is character-driven and the reader is never able to guess ahead of time which direction the story will take… ~ InD’Tale Magazine Dec/Jan 2015-16

It’s a definite page turner, a book you’ll find hard to put down. As with the first in the series, Cadence of Consequences is a rollercoaster ride, and it is one which will stay with you. ~ The Writing Room 101

 [A]ction packed, descriptive, well written, and full of personality. The story is told by several points of view and keeps the reader on their toes with the question, “what is going to happen next?” ~ Debra Mauldin, Author

About M.J. Moores

MJ @ Work 1 - 180dpi

Imagine procrastination and stubborn perseverance getting together and procreating – that would be what M.J. faces when she looks in the mirror every day. Her stubborn mind-set has gotten her into trouble more often than she’d care to admit. The best example being when she was told that students at her university never did a double practicum with a Theatre Production Major and a Bachelor of Education, but that was exactly what she intended to do. No one ever said she couldn’t do it, just that she shouldn’t – M.J. threw down the gauntlet and challenged the powers-that-be that it was possible, and she accomplished it as the second student ever in the history of the school.

M.J.’s love of reading and writing at a young age drew her to adventure books of all genres. While she currently enjoys writing science-fiction and fantasy, her focus is more on the internal journey her characters make as they learn about themselves and face their darkest fears – this might take place on another planet, on a university campus, or in a magical realm; but there’s always that touch of adventure to spice up her work.

Living in rural Ontario, Canada, M.J. divides her days with writing, editing, reviewing, chasing her young son around, and running a website to help new and emerging authors cut their teeth on the mountains of this big bad world. Occasionally, though, her body compels her to shove all that chaos aside and simply read a good book. Luckily, she has that procrastination thing under control now – at least most of the time.

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