Vitamin of the Week – Vitamin B5 – Pantothenic Acid – Stress, Depression, Arthritis

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Pantothenic acid gets its name from the Greek word pantos, meaning everywhere; because it is available in such a wide variety of foods. The problem is that much of a foods content of B5 is lost through cooking; which in another reason for eating as many fruits and vegetables as possible in the raw state.

B5 is one of the eight water-soluble B vitamins which cannot be stored by the body and have to be replenished in your daily diet.   We have already covered B1, B2, and B3 and B5 like the others plays an important role in the conversion of carbohydrates into glucose, which is burned to produce energy.

These nutrients are also needed to breakdown fats and proteins as well as promoting the health of the nervous system, skin, hair, eyes and importantly this month, the liver.

Vitamin B5 has a number of roles in the body some more critical than others. One job that is vitally important is assisting in the manufacture of red blood cells as well as sex and stress related hormones.

Without B5 our digestive tract would become unhealthy and we would be unable to use other vitamins as effectively. It is sometimes referred to as the ‘anti-stress’ vitamin because it is believed to enhance the activity of the immune system and help the body overcome stressful conditions.

Currently research is looking into the benefits of B5 and treatment for elevated cholesterol but there are other areas where the vitamin may be beneficial.

Some studies are indicating that B5 may speed up wound healing especially following surgery and as part of a B-complex supplement it may help recovery from major burns.

Arthritis has also come under the microscope as blood tests taken from arthritis sufferers’ show that they were suffering from a deficiency of pantothenic acid, but more study will be needed to confirm this. (I will be covering Arthritis later in the week)

There are rumours that taking B5 can help with wrinkles and stop your hair greying but this is not proven. However, this does not stop the cosmetic industry from claiming that shampoo and other products containing synthesised B5 can add lustre to your locks!


If you are following a healthy eating plan with lots of fresh fruit, vegetables and wholegrains you will be unlikely to be suffering from B5 deficiency.

If you are suffering from a mild to moderate deficiency you might suffer from tiredness, headaches, nausea, tingling in the hands, depression, abdominal pains, insomnia, burning feet, muscle weakness and cramps.

In extreme cases personality changes can take place as well as heart problems.


all food groups

As I have mentioned, there are a large variety of sources for the vitamin including fresh meats, vegetables and wholegrains.


If you like mushrooms and in particular Shitake mushrooms you will find that by including two or three times a week you will be getting a great B5 hit. Dairy products including cheese contain healthy amounts as do avocados, egg yolks, proteins such as beef, turkey and other poultry, shellfish and oily fish such as salmon and trout, peanuts and lentils and strawberries.

Supplements containing B5.

If you feel that your daily diet contains sufficient B-vitamins including B5 but you are still suffering from arthritis or stress related conditions; seek the advice of a medical expert who can advise you on the dosage of any supplements including B5. If you take a multi-vitamin and mineral as I do, you will find that all the B vitamins are present and it is also sold separately under the names pantothenic acid and calcium pantothenate. You can also buy B-complex formulations, but do check that they are from a high quality producer. I use Solgar and also Higher Nature which is online.

Coming up on the health front this week.

On Wednesday I will be looking at a very common lifestyle induced disease. Arthritis has become accepted as a natural part of aging but in fact can have a fundamental nutritional cause.

For the previous posts in this series on Nutrients of the week you will find them here.

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29 thoughts on “Vitamin of the Week – Vitamin B5 – Pantothenic Acid – Stress, Depression, Arthritis

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  2. “B!” So many roles to play. It amazes me how all are intertwined within our body, each vitamin and mineral working together to make things just right. I’m going to make sure to take my supplement, sure that I don’t get enough from the foods I eat. 😦 Thank you again, Sally, for keeping us informed.


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  4. I am glad you noted the bcomplex because most b’s need to be in a team to be assimilated even if supplementing! I do not know a super lot about b-5 – but have you ever heard of Niacin flush?
    Anyhow – with the arthritis – I have a blog to share that is one of my favs for many reasons – I never had RA – but while doing research I found this blogger who I seriously respect and also have numerous close friends who have benefitted from her blog in the last couple years – it is called “”
    Anyhow – great health posts you make.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for the feedback. Niacin with B3 is a problem for some people usually when beginning to take supplementation, especially in prescribed therapeutic dose levels. The B’s tend to be considered as part of a chorus because they are in harmony but they also have their own parts to play. I will certainly head over to Myradiary and thanks for the link. Appreciate you stopping by.. thanks Sally


      • Thank you and it sounds like you know your stuff – but still humble enough to be open for tips – so that is cool!
        And the niacin flush (in my opinion) is really for folks who need it – and Andrew Saul has filled up with H’s early work and some forms of schizophrenia might be a type of diabetes (a third type maybe) and the patients helped with this got off all sweets (yums and processed sweets) and the Niacin with Leo dose b-complex (b-25) was healing for these folks – but like you noted – therapeutic levels are a unique category.
        Anyhow – have a nice day

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      • Thank you.. I think that the research into Alzheimer’s Disease too in relation to diabetes is going to be very interesting in coming years. Certainly I feel so much better being virtually sugar free.. Good to know more from you and look forward to more in the future.. thanks Sally


      • Same here about getting off sugar – it is better for the human body and moe folks need to see it! I also recently heard how candidiasis infection Changes the ways heavy metals impact the Body terrain – and so sometimes diabetes has this fungal connection and heavy metals thing that interferes with stuff as it morphs! Not sure if you have done any “cleansing” but that is something I am always suggesting for folks – and I love sonne’s – health plus inc- and Kroeger herbs-
        Anyhow – I will be back later to check on your health series and big tip of the hat to you for the value and help these posts can offer!!!

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  5. Great info, Sally. It all boils down to eating as healthy and naturally as possible, doesn’t it? And being aware of what we are eating. Thanks for helping us learn how to be healthier. Xoxo

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  6. Thank you for your posts on health related issues. Over the holidays, my brother introduced me to a product called +5 (containing 5 servings of fruits and vegetables, 5 grams of fiber, 5 essential vitamins and minerals, whole leaf aloe Vera juice and 50,000 ORAC). It’s sold by a company called uTHRiV. If you get a chance please check it out ( It’s not sold in stores so I became a brand partner. I would really like to know what you think. I have been using the product and singing its praises thus far. Have a great day. Joy!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for your feedback Joy and I have heard of uThriV. Very similar in concept to the Forever Living structured business which has certainly done well for thousands both from a health and business perspective. I am very strongly for food sourced nutrition but do understand that there are times when our busy lifestyles may mean our bodies are short changed in that department. I certainly take supplements when I need them particularly in the winter months when I am minus necessary sunlight. I am sure it is a very high quality product and that the information is geared towards a natural food diet supplemented by their products. Good luck and glad that you are finding it helpful to take. best wishes Sally


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