The purpose behind the serialisation of Just an Odd Job Girl – your opinion would be valued.


I decided to serialise Just an Odd Job Girl for a couple of reasons. When I wrote the book in 2001 it was because friends felt it would make a good screenplay. As you all know things happen and life tends to get its own way, and with one thing and another, the project was put on the back burner.

Two years ago we formatted for Eversions and whilst those have sold copies; I wanted more direct feedback.Reviews are the icing on the cake, but you have to amass a great many to get a consensus on a book.  By serialising the book here on the blog I have been able to obtain a wider spread of opinions.

It has been very valuable to get the feedback from an audience of fellow writers and bloggers and I am so pleased that Imogen’s exploits are being enjoyed. Over the next three weeks or so the book will be finished; but I would like to ask a favour of those of you who have been following all the chapters as they are posted.

Can you make a note of any chapter that stood out for you in particular and that you feel would make a great sample to turn into a script format to send to agents and production companies.

At the end of the serialisation I will post all the links to the chapters in one post and ask you to select your favourite.. Based on that feedback I will select the chapter to reformat.

I really do value the tremendous support and comments to date and would love to have you along for the ride to take this book to the next stage if possible.

If you have missed any chapters so far you can find them here.

17 thoughts on “The purpose behind the serialisation of Just an Odd Job Girl – your opinion would be valued.

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  2. I just saw your post, Sally. There were quite a few, but for some reason the two that come to mind now are when she worked at the department store (the cosmetics) and at the seafront with the souvenirs…

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  3. Um, I’m afraid I haven’t read the serialisation chapters, Sally. I have the book, though, and it is on my Kindle on the (ridiculously high) tbr list. I’m looking forward to reading it but obviously can’t answer your questions yet. 🙂


  4. Sal, I will refresh when reading the next chapter. I so far would have to agree with Olga. I just loved Imogen selling cosmetics in the department store, then her chase for the thieves. She takes on every challenge as though every job is her own business to protect. And don’t even get me started about working in that crazy pub doing 10 people’s jobs. Some parts of this book I envision as something similar to a Bridget Jones style type of movie.
    You know I’d be only too happy to comment. And I believe I’ve left my two cents on every chapter, lol. Maybe there’s something you can fish out there too?
    Awaiting the next chapter! xoxo ❤

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  5. Oh, I’d love to see this book as a screenplay, Sally. I wonder who would play the Ostrich from the Shoe department?
    I agree with Olga about the two chapters that have stood out for me so far, and look forward to reading the others.
    I look forward to helping you out as much as possible with this.

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