Miss Laura Mae’s House Part 10

Another fabulous story from Linda Bethea about a time when life was not just hard, it was darn right brutal… brilliant so head over and not only read this post but the previous ones as well.


One of my favorite eavesdropping episodes was about a friend of Miss Laura Mae’s whose husband was in prison and daughter in the orphanage.

“I got a letter from my friend Alice Marshall today. Her husband has been out of jail a long time now and her daughter Helen just had her fifth. Just look at this picture she sent me of Helen’s family. She is so proud.” she said, passing a picture to Mother.

I wanted to see that picture so badly I forgot I wasn’t supposed to be listening in. “Let me see! Let me see!” A daddy, a mother holding a baby, three little girls, and a small boy stood in front of a car. The woman and little girls had on matching dresses. The man and boy looked neat in dark pants and plaid shirts. “Their dresses are all alike! How did they get dresses alike?”…

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6 thoughts on “Miss Laura Mae’s House Part 10

  1. Another lovely story from Linda. Love her way with words. I like the vintage image too. I remember seeing pictures of those mother-daughter dresses when I was little. But I never saw any actually wearing them. I remember my mother commenting about the size availability being well…”slim” pickings. Mega hugs!

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      • Not bad (keep in mind what I’m used to…). I survived a midyear review without snapping into a psychotic break. 😉 Of course my boss didn’t like to admit that he was trying to get me to sign off on the wrong job description… He tried to bluff his way out of it until I showed him page 2, which listed someone else as my reporting manager…. Rolling my eyes. And yes, that qualifies as a good day. 😀
        Meanwhile, a long shot prospect in Tucson! Fingers crossed, even though it’s a long shot. Mega hugs!

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  2. Re: Restrained. Oh, that was nothing compared to the (fiscal) year-end review. As I’ve said, someday I’ll write a satire in a dystopian setting. LOL.
    Wanted to catch up on your house hunting, but need to get to the office. But it’s my Friday off week, so Woot!!!!! Have a thriving Thursday, dear friend.

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