Men & Women. Still needs work. #ThrowbackThursday

A brilliant look at the men vs. women conundrum.. and despite some things never changing.. Viva la difference as our French cousins say..

Barb Taub

There was a video making the rounds on Facebook last week,  a collection of clips from Hollywood movies of “women who needed a spanking”.

I know. I couldn’t watch it either, and I’m certainly not going to link to it, even if its point is that things used to be worse.

But it did get me thinking about the ways some things have actually changed or are changing. For one thing, outside of specifically labeled BDSM mainstream films [cough, Fifty Shades, cough, cough], men hitting women “who need it” isn’t really a thing these days. Mom-shaming is out, and so (supposedly) is body-shaming. Same-sex marriage is legal, and gender pay equality is at least the law (if still pretty far from the reality). A woman is challenging the highest and glassiest ceiling of all by running for president. Seriously.

[image credit: Pinterest] [image credit: Pinterest]

I have a son-in-law who leaps up and has…

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