New Book Fanfare Revisited- The Sorcerer’s Garden by D. Wallace Peach

New book fanfare

Welcome to New Book Fanfare revisited and today I am delighted to feature the eighth novel from D. Wallace Peach – The Sourcerer’s Garden.  Since its release last year it has received some great reviews.

Sorcerer's Garden Final ebook

About the Book:

D. Wallace Peach’s eighth novel is a collision of medieval and urban fantasy centered in the Northwest Hills of Portland, Oregon.

Recently fired and residing with her sweetly overbearing mother, Madlyn needs a job—bad. In a moment of desperation, she accepts a part-time position reading at the bedside of adventurer and amateur writer Cody Lofton. A near-drowning accident left the young man in a vegetative state, and his chances of recovery wane with each passing day.

Cody’s older brother, Dustin, and eccentric grandmother aren’t prepared to give up on the youngest son of Portland, Oregon’s royalty.

Dustin’s a personable guy, bordering on naïve, and overwhelmed by familial corporate duties and cutthroat partners. Grandmother Lillian’s a meddler with an eye for the esoteric, dabbling in Dustin’s life and dealing out wisdom like a card shark. One innocent conversation at a time, she sucks Madlyn into the Lofton story, dubbing her the princess and bestowing on her the responsibility of both grandsons’ destinies.

And all Madlyn wanted was a simple reading job.

Uninspired by her self-imposed stack of literary selections, Madlyn opts for Cody’s work-in-progress. Fantasy isn’t her favorite, but with only four chapters completed, reading The Sorcerer’s Garden should be no sweat, right?

Little does she realize, the story will begin writing itself and, by the hand of destiny, become her own.

Don’t look for a run-of-the-mill fantasy here. This is one tangled tale crafted especially for readers who enjoy plot twists that keep everyone, including the characters, guessing.

About  Madlyn

Madlyn is quirky, blessed with a sarcastic sense of humor, and a tendency to say exactly what’s on her mind. At 28, she’s also abandoned her dreams of a fairytale life. A satisfying career and happily-ever-after romance simply aren’t turning up in her cards, and in fact, her junky car is careening downhill fast. A strong female protagonist with a reluctant streak, she finds herself trapped in a heroic adventure through overlapping worlds, unsure whether one or both are real.

Some of the reviews for The Sorcerer’s Garden.

Who knew I like fantasy? Until I read Peach’s The Sorcerer’s Garden, I never read this genre. Well, kudos to this author, who kept me enthralled each and every page of this fun-to-read, beautifully written, suspenseful and romantic novel. The main character, Madlyn, is flawed yet perfect in her personality as she loses her job but gains so much more as she begins her adventure in a new job that takes her to places she never imagined. This book freed my imagination as I quickly turned each page to follow the action.
The Sorcerer’s Garden is my favorite of Peach’s books so far, though I really enjoyed The Melding or Aeris. This one I read in 4 days, which is a feat when you have a small child. I love reading books that take place in Portland, because who doesn’t like reading something that takes place where you live, recognizing places. It helps with imagining the scenes unfolding. It is easy to imagine The Sorcerer’s Garden being a movie with its vivid descriptions, and the intensity and brutality of the battles. I also enjoyed reimagining Portland in medieval times, the landscape I know with an entirely different feel. I loved feeling transported and feeling the connections between people and their struggles in a way that is timeless.
Fantasy combined with real life By Southern on September 16, 2015 Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
“The Sorcerer’s Garden” by author D. Wallace Peach, is a book with an interesting plot, and steeped in both fantasy and reality. The story opens with the main character, Madlyn, losing her job at a large company named Global Recapture. Being that employment is a must-have for her, she takes a job that involves, among other things, reading to a young man named Cody, who is in a vegetative state after nearly drowning. She ends up reading the first portion of a book that Cody had been writing, a fantasy novel of which only four chapters have been completed, and which does not seem like too difficult of a read. Much to her surprise, she finds that she has become a character in that story, namely, the Princess, with the enemies being the executives at her former employer, which had recently terminated her. I think the way this book combined fantasy and reality was really masterful, and the character and story development were especially good. I hope to read more such novels from this author in the future. I received this book for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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A small selection of other books by D. Wallace Peach.

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About the author

book photo

D. Wallace Peach was a kid with books in her blood, though she didn’t know it until the day she opened a book titled The Hobbit. Tolkien … literally changed her life.

Diana loves writing and has the privilege to pursue her passion full time. She’s still exploring the fantasy genre, trying out new points of view, playing with tense, creating optimistic works with light-hearted endings, and delving into the grim and gritty what-ifs of a post-apocalyptic world. She wonders if one day she’ll settle into something more predictable. Probably not. It’s simply an uncharted journey, and she hopes you’ll enjoy the adventure as much as she.

In addition to writing books, Diana’s a volunteer, activist, gardener, animal lover, and grandmother to the Overlord. She lives with her husband, two mutts, and Pinky the cat in a log cabin among the giant firs of Oregon’s Coastal Mountains. She loves to laugh and enjoys the worldwide connections fostered by writing and blogging. There’s never a dull moment in the pursuit of peace.

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  3. So much fun seeing my review up there in your blog. And I meant every single word. The neat thing is that I never would have read this book if I hadn’t connected with Diana via her blog. She inspires me as a blogger and author and promoter of books. I learn through her. At times when I get a bit bogged down in writing my own book (third one, and it’s coming slowly), I read her comments in recent interviews about how we just keep on keeping on, believing in our writing and spending hours on it every day. YES, that’s what I’m doing and it feels so good to connect to others who do the same. And who are writing fabulous books. Like The Sorcerer’s Garden.

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  4. Thank you, Sally, for the promo. What a nice surprise this morning 🙂 I’m a ways from having a new book out there, so it’s nice to see the “old” ones pop up. And yes, some delightful reviews which bring a big smile. Have a wonderful day, my friend. 😀

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  6. Lol, I thought I was lost in a time warp. I knew I’d seen this post and realized it was a repost. How lovely to see Diana’s book making an encore appearance. And as an update, yay, I’m 2 books away from reading this! 🙂 xoxo

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