My Dad’s a Goldfish – have Doblo will go places

Mary Smith is a talented author and journalist but she is also like many of us have been a carer for an elderly parent. Her father has Alzheimer’s Disease and as this post illustrates there are many things that a carer needs to master, one being the invaluable but sometimes uncooperative wheelchair.. my mother had one that seemed to have a will of its own, especially when navigating paving stones.

My Dad Is A Goldfish

The Goldfish loves the new car. I love his car, too, though I find the accelerator is just at the right height to give me a dreadful pain in my ankle after a few miles. I’ll get used to it just like I will get used to actually getting the Goldfish into it – and out again.

If he’s sitting in his armchair he has to transfer to his wheelchair, using the stand aid. This is quite a performance on its own but we’ve all become well-practised and the Goldfish grips the handles as though

Oxford_Elevate_Stand_Aid The stand aid is an amazing contraption andwithout it we’d have struggled to move the Goldfish when he could no longer walk.

he’s about to take off on a motorbike! With some manoeuvring and pushing and pulling the stand aid I position the stand aid so I can lower the Goldfish into his wheelchair. Unbuckle…

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