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Welcome to the Open House and today my guest is Joelle LeGendre, author of Atto Run – The First Level of Hell.  The first thing that hits you when you read Joelle’s bio is that she has tackled a number of challenges with humour. As she says since she was born, she has viewed the world through her own rose colored filter of dyslexia, Tourette’s Syndrome, insomnia, almost-blindness and ‘ain’t quite right’.

She has a B.S in Rehabilitation Psychology and has worked in the field of developmental disabilities since 1993 assisting people with Mental Retardation, Autism, Down Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy.

Joelle considers writing to be a form of therapy and one that benefits all of us. Since 1999 she has been writing the Atto Run series and there are 15 books in various stages of development. The first Atto Run – The First Level of Hell is now available and has received great reviews.  The second in the series is in the final stages of editing.

Her writing is not just confimed to books as Joelle has written articles for newspapers and has an impressive number of blog entries on Ranting Along

You will find some delightful observations on life, and yes you may find the occasional rant, but all with an element of humour that draws you in. I used to read the Tarot cards too.. Tarot Humour

When asked about being an author she said, “Being a writer is something you can’t NOT be if that’s what you are. It’s worse than opium, alcohol, cigarettes and crack. I MUST have my writing fix each and every day whether it’s writing in a blog or a book.”

Joelle lives in North Florida with her husband and a substantial fur family.

About Atto Run – The First Level of Hell

51SIqIb3wvL._UY250_About the book

A SciFi Cinderella comedy-romance that pokes fun at the craziness of life on Earth,
and possibly elsewhere.

All that stands between Earth and Ri-Atto turning into asteroid belts are the bored preteen with a high-tech orb who rules Earth, a former beautician from a small Florida town,
and a very frightened Ri-Atton illegal alien.

They’re about to find out that the universe has a sick sense of humor.

What the Readers are saying.

A Great Piece of Contemporary Sci-Fi Literature! By Robert Simonon July 22, 2015 Format: Paperback

There is something so refreshing about a work which both reminds us of our love for science fiction and challenges our ideals as individuals. Atto Run, the author’s first published novel, does both: the novel moves quickly yet smoothly and logically between worlds and views (some of which we almost recognize and others entirely new to the genre), reminiscent of the works of so many great authors. It also skillfully embraces its own quirky and excentric viewpoints and suppositions, making fun of themselves while helping the reader to embrace the more serious side of each, an aspect of few yet notable humorous literary pieces (such as Douglas Adams’ masterpieces, for example). As you are drawn into the multiple players, victims, and selfishly unaware characters of the universe the author paints, you begin to realize just how much of each you can identify as part of yourself.

I look forward to the next novel by this author!

Worthy Read!! Keeps me on the edge wanting more!! By Shoptimus Prime on June 24, 2015 Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
The book has a bit of a slow start but don’t let that stop you! This is an entertaining and funny story that never stops surprising the reader. Is it a love story? Is it a glimpse into tragedy? When I finished reading I wasn’t actually done, I wanted more. I have questions and I’m sitting on the edge waiting for the answers! I have no idea what’s next but if it’s anything like “Atto Run: The First Level of Hell” I will gladly read it.
Buy the book: Amazon

Now it is time to hand over to Joelle to share the questions that she chose from the selection on offer. Here she is with her editor.

editngoutsideIf you have looked into your family history have you found any surprises that you can talk about!

In my blog, under memorabilia, are pictures from my mother’s scrapbooks and a transcript of her memoirs. My two favorite posts about family are the stories my mother told about Nazis escaping from the POW camp in 1944, where she worked at as a secretary in Arizona.

My paternal grandmother died in the 1918 swine flu epidemic. Shortly after that, social services took my grandfather’s 4 children away (ages 2, 4, 6 & 8). They existed in a Catholic orphanage for several years, until he could prove a woman lived in the house capable of caring for them. How did he accomplish that feat? He entered into a common-law marriage with his dead wife’s mother.

Tell us about your blog and your main features. With a link to what you consider best sums you up as a blogger.

Many successful bloggers find one niche and stick to it. I’m not that blogger. When you’re dyslexic (aka not-quite-right), consistency is NOT an option.

You never know what I’ll write next: Will it be a rant? A haiku? A humorous post? Perhaps a conversation written in a pitch-dark room?

And don’t get me started on politics.

This is a 4-part series that sums me up as a blogger, writer, and physical entity:

Do you have a secret talent that you show off at parties and if so any stories to tell us?

I’ll preface this by saying that I’d rather write than go to a party.

There are two secret talents that have remained secret — and for very good reason.

In high school, I used to take books, turn them upside down, and read them reflected in a mirror. I haven’t done that in years, but I still read just as “well” upside down as right side up. News Flash: It’s a sign of mild dyslexia, not the hallmark of a brilliant mind.

For an extracurricular gross-out at school, I used to touch my tongue to the tip of my nose. Then, I’d open my mouth and stick it in back of my soft pallet. No, I wasn’t the most popular kid in school, just the one with the fewest otoliths.

What is the one big adventure that you would like to experience?

Besides the obvious adventure I’d love to experience (traveling through the universe on the star ship Enterprise), I want to return to a specific part of Europe again.

In 2002, my sister and I toured parts of France and Switzerland while I took pictures with a point-and-shoot disposable camera.

There was one slight problem.

I’d endured two surgeries for retinal detachment and most of the 2-week trip was a blur of colors. My world looked a lot like this, only…um, blurrier:

2016 Sally Cronin interview 4q-3775There are more wonders to enjoy other than visual. Scents, sounds, tastes paint an image of the world around me. But my ability to extrapolate images from colors made it possible to effectively capture the trip on film.

During our travels, I’d walked inside a glacier, jumped over a cliff with a cute French guy to experience paraponte, and ordered dinner in a revolving restaurant.

2016 Sally Cronin interview 4q-4119Yes, we enjoyed dinner at the top of the Schilthorn, and I took a picture where a scene from James Bond was once filmed.

For once everyone else saw what I was seeing.

Here is the picture:

2016 Sally Cronin interview 4q-4366It’s supposed to look like this:

2016 Sally Cronin interview 4q-4403

Being on top of a mountain 9,744 feet high with only a railing to keep you from falling was a great adventure. But of all the places we visited, Mürren both captivated and frightened me.

2016 Sally Cronin interview 4q-4595

This picture was taken in August and, as you can see, it’s coat weather for visitors.

Mürren was built on what the locals call a plateau, but as someone who has driven across the Colorado Plateau, I thought it would be a flat, uninteresting blob of geology.

Actually, it’s a bunch of houses hanging onto the side of a mountain…

2016 Sally Cronin interview 4q-4932…with a 1000 foot waterfall dropping into a stream flowing through the valley below. That’s one hell of a misstep.

2016 Sally Cronin interview 4q-5052

Pix from

My reasons for wanting to visit Mürren again don’t stem from the fact that it felt like another planet the first time around…or that I’d like to get over my fear of rolling over a 1000 foot cliff without the aid of a parachute.

My reasons are a bit more pragmatic.

By book 6, some of the main characters are living in Mürren. By book 10, it’s one of the few remaining habitable places on Earth. You’ll have to wait a few years until those books are published to find out why.

I need to take a slow walk, visit a few shops, feel the air in summer, take in the scent of it and soak in the ambiance. I need to sit in a restaurant with a computer, typing every description in detail and imagine what the main characters might be wearing, doing, or saying.

I’ll tell you a secret, if you don’t tell my family. I heard you could bungee jump off a gondola. I haven’t tried bungee jumping yet.

Tell me…what good is an epic adventure if you can’t use it to face your fears.

My thanks to Joelle for an entertaining glimpse into her world and certainly I probably could just about manage to bungee jump off a gondola.. well just about.

Connect to Joelle on her blog and social media.


Thank you for dropping by and it would be great if you could click on a few of the share buttons and spread the word about Joelle’s book and blog. Sally



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