Writing in Pajamas

Diana Wallace Peach, writing and sleepwear.. I have to admit to just getting out of mine.. I sat down at the computer this morning and the force was with me… lovely and comfy…

Myths of the Mirror

pajamas Peach pj’s on the line

I just spent 5 days editing without changing out of my pajamas. It seemed a good time to share an old guest post I had the honor of contributing to Seumas Gallacher’s wonderful blog. Thus…Writing in Pajamas.

To me, flannel pajamas are symbolic. Whenever I get the chance, I wear them all day, and in case you were wondering, I’m pj-clad as I type this post.

In my mother’s generation, all-day pajamas indicated a mortifying degree of sloth. Pinch-lipped gossips would roll their eyes toward heaven, conjuring images of beer before breakfast, dust bunnies, and soap operas. If a woman wore pajamas all day, she certainly didn’t chair the holiday bazaar or volunteer at the library. Her kids lacked appropriate moral supervision and, no doubt, roamed the neighborhood like hooligans. Never mind her neglected spouse nibbling TV dinners after a long day at the plant.

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5 thoughts on “Writing in Pajamas

  1. Thanks for sharing, Sally! It’s still early morning here, so I’m still pj-clad, of course. Today, we are expecting company so I’ll be getting dressed. No need to subject them to my flannels. Wishing you a comfortable day in any attire. 😀

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  2. I think flannel pajamas are an excellent writing tool! If only I weren’t suffering from hot-itis and menopause temperature flares…But winter is coming and then I can enjoy them.

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