Smorgasbord Summer Reading – Pearseus Book One – Rise of the Prince by Nicholas C. Rossis on offer at 99c

smorgasbord Summer Reading

Nicholas C. Rossis has Pearseus: Rise of the Prince – Book One of the Pearseus series on offer for 99c and it would make a great summer read.


About the Book

“Pearseus does for ancient Greece what Game of Thrones did for Medieval England.

Three hundred years after humans crash land on Pearseus, Styx, the Capital’s cruel ruler, learns of a dark prophecy: Cyrus, a young boy, will one day slay her. She imprisons him, but days before his execution he escapes with the help of the First, the planet’s native inhabitants. On their way to safety, nightmarish monsters attack. Cyrus flees, scared and alone, until a pair of First warriors rescue him and spirit him away to the mysterious Old Woman.

All Cyrus wants is to reunite with his family. But the Old Woman insists Cyrus is the foretold instrument in the First’s ancient war against a shadowy enemy who will stop at nothing to prevent him from fulfilling his destiny. Heart and mind war within Cyrus as he must choose between rejoining his family and preventing humanity’s extinction.

Rise of the Prince is the first book of the Amazon genre best-selling series, Pearseus.

A selection of reviews for Rise of the Prince

A plot exploring one of the most popular themes in science fiction – the ‘reboot’ of humanity. Can such a book be still original? I had my doubts about that, to be honest. But, well, yes it can. All you need is to have enough interesting twists, to explore diverse characters, and blend it with some ancient Greek mythology, some Nordic mythology, political intrigue and political philosophy. In this book the history starts to be revealed and a potential future unfolds. All these make the book an excellent read, from a new writer, and leaves you expecting more.

Pearseus: Rise of the Prince by Nicholas Rossis is the second book of a unique and well-written Epic Fantasy series, with elements of Sci-Fi and Mythology, and just a touch of Horror thrown in the mix.

The plot of the book is both well-paced and completely absorbing, with many exciting twists and turns along the way.
I enjoyed the characters, good and evil alike, who were realistic and believeable. I found the character, Styx, to be particularly genuine and intriguing. In spite of her ruthless and evil ruler ship, she truly believes that her methods are not only necessary, but for the greater good, and therefore, completely justified.

I very much enjoyed Pearseus: Rise of the Prince, and do recommend it to all who love an exceptional Epic Fantasy tale.

A selection of books by Nicholas C. Rossis please visit Amazon for full information
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About Nicholas C. Rossis.
61K71C0IBpL._UX250_Nicholas Rossis lives to write and does so from his cottage on the edge of a magical forest in Athens, Greece. When not composing epic fantasies or short sci-fi stories, he chats with fans and colleagues, writes blog posts, walks his dog, and enjoys the antics of his baby daughter and two silly cats, all of whom claim his lap as home. His first children’s book, Runaway Smile, has won the Gelett Burgess Children’s Book Award, among other distinctions.

Many of his short stories have appeared in various collections and anthologies. He has published three collections: Honest Fibs, The Power of Six and Infinite Waters, which was voted as one of the best 50 Indie books of 2015.

He has also written the epic fantasy series, Pearseus. The final book in the series is currently penned.

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Thanks for dropping in today and please share the news of Nicholas’ great offer on Rise of the Prince. Sally

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