Today With Nigel Williams

Another Tenby Book Fair attendee.. Nigel Williams talking about his life and books.. One book in particular caught my eye. Welsh Gold. David and I met and married in Dolgellau close to the gold mine where royal wedding rings were sourced.. each year local jewellers were allocated a small amount of the rose gold and we were lucky that the jeweller in Dolgellau had just enough to make our wedding rings.. not sure if it is the same 36 years later but they are still shining bright! Lovely interview so please head over and reblog around the world.. xx

Judith Barrow

Introducing the authors who will be at the Tenby Book Fair,, the first event of the Tenby Arts Festival .  I’m looking forward to having many more such chats over the next couple of weeks. 

So far I’ve interrogated interviewed Rebecca Bryn:, Thorne Moore: , Matt Johnson: , Christoph Fischer: , Sally Spedding:, Wendy Steele: ,Kathy MIles: , Carol Lovekin:, Colin R Parsons: and Lisa Shambrook:  and Alex Martin: ,  Judith Arnopp: , Sharon Tregenza:   and Juliet Greenwood: And thanks to Thorne Moore for interviewing me:  Over the next week or two I’ll be introducing the rest of the authors. I’ll also be showcasing the publishers who will be in attendance and who will be giving short talks and may be able to give advice to would-be authors: ,   and  

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