Is Facebook Dying? What’s Killing It?

Kristen Lamb with an article on the evolution of social media, including Facebook.. I like social gatherings but agree that some threads become nasty very quickly. I too will be interested to see where it leads in the not too distant future..I use in tandem with my blog and check for other bloggers posts but having read this post realise that I am not really using as a chat room anymore except with a small circle of online friends. Head over and read the post and add your views.. they all count.

Kristen Lamb's Blog

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I never intentionally set out to be a social media “guru,” though now looking back it seems an inevitable choice. Why? Not only do I love helping people but I also have an insatiable appetite for cracking codes and patterns…then using that information to predict trends.

Seriously. Yes, I am a nerd.

But this skill has come in handy and has allowed me to be at the leading edge of the evolution of the Digital Age. By examining vast amounts of data, I can see patterns emerge almost with a life all their own. The best way to describe it?

Remember those Magic Eye images that were so popular in malls in the 90s? They just looked like a jumble of dots or colors or random images but if viewed in a certain way, made a larger three-dimensional image? Some people could see the image easily and some (like my husband)…

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11 thoughts on “Is Facebook Dying? What’s Killing It?

  1. It’s hard to like her post. I hear what she’s saying and yet we can’t hide from the mess that this world is in.

    On my regular (as opposed to writer) Facebook page, I am friends with people who are diametrically opposed to my beliefs. We laugh at memes about seniors, dog, and cats, and share family pictures, but we also share political stuff. Some of it, on both sides, can get rowdy,

    We celebrate the ways we come together and skip over the things that might irritate us. And once in a while, we find common ground in our diverse political views.

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    • Facebook is my second largest referrer to my blog and as I promote other authors it is very useful. There are things that I don’t like and that is abusive behaviour to others. Under any circumstances and this week I witnessed two such verbal rants because someone did not agree with a post. Debate and reasoned arguement I can get along with fine. People need to manage their expectations and they also need to check who is following them before accepting.. if you want a social platform then keep it to friends and family but if you accept strangers that you have never met into your timeline then you have to expect diversity. There are a number of ways to avoid people you don’t like from muting to blocking but for some reason people are then afraid they might offend and don’t do it but keep complaining. It is the individual’s account and it needs to be managed by them.

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      • “Debate and reasoned argument,” I agree with completely. 🙂

        We can learn a lot from diverse thinking. As of yet, I haven’t unfriended anyone, just hidden posts that were shared from a certain group (insinuating that anyone with my belief system is…well…pick one: (hitler/idiot/uneducated).

        Facebook isn’t the only place to worry about. When I first started blogging on WordPress, I found a site that I liked for its whacky sense of humor. I made a comment and when I saw that comment on his website again, he had altered it in a terrible way. That was worse than anything that has ever happened to me on Facebook. However, the vast majority of my interactions with people on WordPress have been nothing less than stellar. 🙂

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      • That’s how I feel. With 7.5 billion people in the world, there have to be at least a few thousand who like what I write. 🙂

        You are more than welcome to state your opinion to me.

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  2. Great post by Kristen. I often read her posts of wisdom. And I agree with her view on FB. As you know Sal, I can be opinionated, but on social media I keep my opinions to myself for exactly her reasons; there’s always some sort of troll or person looking to do combat with if they don’t like what you say. Hence, I don’t even hit ‘like’ on political posts, meme or otherwise, for fear some troll sees my name beside the like. That is sad that we’ve lost our freedoms of speech because there will be a price to pay. And as far as that new game Pokemon, I don’t care how ‘active’ it is, it’s another diversion from life. In fact people were already glued to their phones. I heard on our local news they are now concerned with more people getting hit by cars because they already don’t even look up from their phones when walking. How many people have bumped into you these past years because they’re glued to their phones?
    I have friends and family that will spend every spare moment playing FB games on their phones. I don’t have that luxury of free time to waste, but I’ve asked a few of them – don’t you think it would benefit you more to read a book on that phone instead of escaping real life at every chance you get?
    Sorry for the sermon, lol, this post got me started. 🙂 xoxo

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