New Series – Pet of the week (Dog or cat, parrot or spouse) By Special Request!

I have received a complaint to my customer service centre (my comments) from Danny the Dog who feels that my new series Book of the Week was a typo… and should have been Dog of the Week.

The customer is always right!!!! And so for the sake of a quiet life……here is a new series of Pet of the Week… dog or cat (Zoe) Parrot, any other four-legged pet and of course a husband or wife.

Meet Danny

danny-looking-goodBeneath his bohemian and dare devil good looks, Danny exhibits remarkable sagacity for such a laid back canine. Articulate and with a wry sense of humour, Danny also manages his human, Andrew Joyce with firm discipline. He does however appear to keep him on a short leash.. Andrew is an author and under the careful scrutiny of Danny, he has published the following. (I have to mention these as the sale of said books keeps Danny in bones).

51jymDwgCkL._UY250_51wekGJV+4L._UY250_Resolution-800 Cover reveal and Promotional

These can be viewed and bought here:

You can find Danny on a boat at the following web address and also guest posting elsewhere on blog world on occasion.. trust me not to be missed.

Now that I have been manipulated into this new series please send me photos of your pet with a brief and glowing bio and your links.

74 thoughts on “New Series – Pet of the week (Dog or cat, parrot or spouse) By Special Request!

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  3. I would send you my Fabulous Foto (hey! I’m a cat and I can do whatever I want), but my human has no book to promote. :::::sigh::::: I will have to be content to show my face here from time to time with comments because I think this series is a winning idea!

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  4. Danny sounds much like my cat, Monkey – as long as they are the centre of attention 24/7/365 the world is well. My Violet (dog) is much more laid back…except when she believes it is snack or walk time! Danny, you are a cool dude!

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  6. What a lovely idea Sally……Our not so little dogs exploits can be found here Saangchai is a Street Dog or Soi Dog as they are called here. Soi Dogs were we got him from is a wonderful organisation who do so much to help the dogs….and to stop the trade in Dog Meat which is quite active in Asia and so cruel. Saangchai took a little while to settle as he had only lived on the streets and not in a house and had to rummage down bins for food. He is now very fussy but we spoil him. We were also contacted by the lady who has his mum..again Soi Dogs arranged to ship her to the Uk and she now has her forever home. We would not be without and he is a gentle dog and very protective of us…he wouldn’t even let my friends in my house to start was almost as if he was saying I have my forever home and mum and you are not coming in…he now knows he is staying and everyone loves him….. It would lovely for Saangchai( which means Happy Heart) if Soi Dogs got some recognition… it all helps to spread the word of this wonderful caring organisation. Have a lovely day 🙂

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