The Ancient Nuclear War No One Told You About

Sacha Black gives us something to think about.. we know that ancient civilisations contained brilliant scholars.. but did they also have the knowledge to construct a deadly weapon that we think of as a modern monstrosity? Read the article for yourselves… me.. I am pretty convinced we are not the first distructive species to walk this earth.

Sacha Black

Nuclear warWe think we’re real smart as a race. We keep creating bigger and better weapons, anything so long as we got the biggest, best toy in the playground and you don’t. But what if we weren’t the only smart cookies on the planet. What if thousands of years ago, we the arse scratching cave men of the period, or in fact, another race entirely had already made big-bad-apocalyptic-world-destroying weapons?

What if we’re late to the game cause someone else already thought of nuclear weapons 10,000 years ago?!

Well that’s todays wonder – the theory that nuclear weapons are not a 20th century invention at all, but a bronze age creation.

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4 thoughts on “The Ancient Nuclear War No One Told You About

  1. From the evidence presented in literature and in science, there is a good possibility that nuclear weapons were used thousands of years ago. People like Hoagland and Cremo, told us about this years ago.

    Hoagland told us 20 years ago there was water on the moon and on mars. He was laughed at. Yet now that we know there is water on the moon and mars, no one from the mainstream has come forward to give him credit. He says there were civilizations living there.

    If there is one trait that I thoroughly dislike about science, this is it: New ideas are vilified and the people positing them are laughed at (There are lists of people whose discoveries weren’t appreciated until after they were dead). Then, when the truth is discovered, scientists act as if it had always been known.

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