Meet and Greet – A welcome to new bloggers – Makeovers, Music and Reviews

meet and greetI have met some terrific bloggers this week who cover a very wide range of topics from makeovers to house and gardens, latest in fashions and music and of course writers and poets. I think you will find something for everyone so without any further delay… let’s meet them.

Meet Kirsty of Embracing Authenticity is 17 year’s old and has already experienced harsh reality in the form of Anorexia Nervosa. In her blog she shares her experiences in a very mature way as she faces the challenge of moving through what is a devastating eating disorder.

John Willingham of Dreamy Home has some great ideas for makeovers. Since we are in full makeover mode it is great to see some examples, particularly of colour matching.  This blog is very helpful..

Those of you who pop in regularly know that I am not a fan of diet or full leaded fizzy drinks or most of the industrially produced fluids sold at an exhorbitant price. Great to see Millennial Survival Blog by Britt Berner giving such excellent fitness and nutritional advice..

Meet Drew Avera who is an active duty navy veteran and science fiction author.
Drew currently has book one of his series The Alorian Wars on the waiting list for Kindle Scout and would love your help..

Meet Sharon Cosgrove of Ask Riverbed who devotes her blog to helping others strengthen their writing and marketing skills. Search her inventory in the How to Write Killer Blogs series. Here is an example.

Meet Maddi of Passive Funderingar who has created her blog to inspire herself to write more consistently and to experiment with different styles. Here is a post on War… very thought provoking.

Meet Tim Keen who is a life long writer of fiction – mostly short stories. Tim has recently published on Amazon with a collection of short stories – After Hours. Tim is also an ardent advocate of the Westerns.. me too.

About Ordinary Madness Blog – This site uses philosophy, the arts, psychology and psychoanalysis to discuss the significant and unique suffering experienced by humanity without using language based on the medical model. Here is a post that asks Is Mental Illness Glamorous?

Talent Castle is a platform with various talented Nigerians that want to be heard. Our goal is to put them out there, give them a voice and give them a stage to show the gift they have within. Here is a post on success……
Success demands a gradual everyday progress 

Meet Candace of Literary Dust who is a crazy reader of books.She reads pretty much anything that looks appealing and she is a sucker for a beautiful cover. Here is a great post for a new book Breathe Again by Sydney Logan

Meet Stephanie M. Hopkins of Layered Pages who conducts author interviews and helps promote the B.R.A.G. Medallion.  She is a short-list judge for the 2016 Historical Novel Society indie Award and participates in the Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours.  Read more about her interests and work on her blog.  Here is one of her posts.

Cover Crush: My Sister’s Secret by Tracy Buchanan

An Eco friendly blog from Stella Madison about several lifestyle topics and liked this one for nervous drivers.

Meet ‘C’ the Meerkat who has a very varied blog with posts on health, entertainment, clothes and books.. ‘C’ offers both product and book reviews and here is one for a children’s book.. Where do Clothes Come From?…. my husband keeps asking me that!

Sharon Ross has Epilepsy and in her blog she highlights the challenges this presents and also the difficulties with getting the right treatment.

Meet T. Wayne of Joyful Process Blog where you will find music, articles and poetry. Here is an example.

Take A Look At Yourself

Meet M. Zane McClellan of The Poetry Channel…

Music news 2day blog is for anyone who wants to keep up to date with news in the music industry and reviews.

Jan of Witness to Fitness Music is a big fan of new independent music, and also a fan of keeping fit. I like to mix these up by listening to new music while I work out, and this site is designed to allow me to recommend music for those of a similar persuasion.

Meet ‘K’ of Counting Pennies and Sheep where you will find challenges for flash fiction and photo prompts. You will also find posts on mental health issues, in particular depression.

I hope this has introduced you to some new blogs to follow and also perhaps some new interests. Thanks for stopping by.. Sally

39 thoughts on “Meet and Greet – A welcome to new bloggers – Makeovers, Music and Reviews

  1. It is so sweet of you to include me in your Smorgasbord. So unexpected, and for me, unprecedented, that I did a double-take, thinking the link was spam.
    Thank you so much. I have enjoyed reading your diverse posts.

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  4. Thanks so much for including me in this week’s Smorgasbord! When I woke up and saw the notification I was pleasantly surprised! I will definitely take a look at the other blogs you have featured today.

    Thanks again! 🙂

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  5. Reblogged this on A Joyful Process and commented:
    My blog and poem “Take A Look At Yourself” were mentioned in this week’s Meet And Greet post at the Smorgasbord blog. Take a look around, you may find some new blogs to follow!

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  6. Reblogged this on riverbed and commented:
    Hello, friends! I’m overwhelmed today by Sally’s generosity to herald the work of new bloggers, and humbled to be included in this week’s offering! Great way to make new friends in the blogosphere – thanks, Sally!!

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