Must Love Books

Cynthia Reyes knows that I would love to morph the virtual cafe and bookstore into the real thing at some point in the future and here is a wonderful interview with the owner of Fanfare Books in Stratford Ontario.. thanks Cynthia.. one step closer.

Cynthia Reyes

Let’s face it: you have to really love books to own a bookstore these days.

Blog Photo Fanfare Sign1 by Hamlin GrangeThat’s what I say to Bob Newland, owner of Fanfare Books in Stratford, Ontario. 

Blog Photo Fanfare and downtown by Dale Ratcliffe.JPG Credit: Dale Ratcliffe

Q. Owning a bookstore doesn’t seem like a way to get rich quick. Why do you do it?

A: You are right: money is not the motivator. But the store provides many other satisfactions:
1)The people- I get to hobnob with the most intelligent, erudite and well-read people on the planet.
2)The books- Everyday is Christmas!
3) Sundry satisfactions- While it doesn’t happen as often in reality as it does in The Little Paris Bookshop,  every now and then someone will say that a book that I sold them years ago made a profound change in them. Often a book is a personal thing and it’s nice to think that I have made a difference, however small, in…

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9 thoughts on “Must Love Books

  1. I’ll be leading the cheering section. And though I’ve rarely traveled since ‘the troubles’, I will make every effort to visit your bookstore and cafe when it opens, Sally. And I’ll promote it like crazy. I can “see” the feeling I will get when I walk into Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore! (No pressure, mind you….)

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  2. A charming bookstore about 2 hours west from where I live. How wonderful for Cynthia to have her books there. I guess I’ll just wait for you Sal, to open the bookstore. I may have to fly over to help you set up! 🙂 xoxo

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