Dog and Cats of the week – Muses of author Joelle LeGendre

Welcome to Dog (cats, parrots or spouses) of the Week. An opportunity for the pets of authors, bloggers and artists to promote their owners as well as enjoy a few minutes in the limelight (rightly deserved according to many of them!)

For those of you that are managed by some form of fur or feathered family, please send their photos and your links to I have had a number of entries and the weekly slots are filling up fast… get your muse to me….

Meet Fat White Dog, Coon cat and Other Brother Coon Cat.

Fat White Dog loves to steal Joelle’s Pillow and enjoy an afternoon nap.
my pillow,jpgCoon Cat is into purses


Other Brother Coon Cat demands more than equal desk space.

OBCC takes over desk

About Joelle LeGendre


Joelle LeGendre is author of Atto Run – The First Level of Hell. The first thing that hits you when you read Joelle’s bio is that she has tackled a number of challenges with humour. As she says since she was born, she has viewed the world through her own rose colored filter of dyslexia, Tourette’s Syndrome, insomnia, almost-blindness and ‘ain’t quite right’.

She has a B.S in Rehabilitation Psychology and has worked in the field of developmental disabilities since 1993 assisting people with Mental Retardation, Autism, Down Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy.

Joelle considers writing to be a form of therapy and one that benefits all of us. Since 1999 she has been writing the Atto Run series and there are 15 books in various stages of development. The first Atto Run – The First Level of Hell is now available and has received great reviews. The second in the series is in the final stages of editing.

51SIqIb3wvL._UY250_One of the reviews for the book.

As a scifi fan, I found the novel, “Atto Run, The First Level of Hell,” an intriguing and fun read. If, like me, you enjoy tales of space travel, advanced technology, exotic other-world settings, and whole planets that just might not make it, you’ll likely enjoy this book too. But author, Joelle LeGendre, goes way beyond a traditional space-opera, and delivers what is ultimately a fine novel of ideas. Most good speculative fiction (or any good fiction) does transcend category, but Atto Run somehow personalizes its theme in ways I’ve not seen before.

The universe-threatening concerns of the intergalactic goddesses get squeezed down to the very small, human concerns of a central character who’s not so much an anti-hero as a non-hero. It’s through her “every-woman” eyes, we earthlings meet our first alien. And it’s not like anything you’d expect. It’s at the heart of the delightful comic sense running through this book and what makes it so much fun. I highly recommend it. You’ll expand your mind and laugh while doing it.

Buy the Book:

Her writing is not just confimed to books as Joelle has written articles for newspapers and has an impressive number of blog entries on Ranting Along

You will find some delightful observations on life, and yes you may find the occasional rant, but all with an element of humour that draws you in. I used to read the Tarot cards too.. Tarot Humour

When asked about being an author she said, “Being a writer is something you can’t NOT be if that’s what you are. It’s worse than opium, alcohol, cigarettes and crack. I MUST have my writing fix each and every day whether it’s writing in a blog or a book.

Joelle lives in North Florida with her husband and a substantial fur family.

Connect to Joelle on her blog and social media.


Thank you for dropping in and always enjoy your feedback.  I hope you have enjoyed this slightly different way to promote your books, blog or art.. If you are currently without animal management then you might consider sending a photo and bio of your partner!


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