Welcome to the party – Meet and Greet – Nashville sights and sounds, authors and life’s challenges

Welcome to this week’s selection of bloggers that I have crossed paths with this week.

meet and greet

Hangout Nashville will be a one-stop-shop for specific events in the Nashville, Brentwood, and Franklin area. This website will track events from music festivals, car shows, food events to much, much more. The purpose of this is to provide an array of activities that will appeal to both tourists in the Nashville area as well as locals looking for a fun thing to do. When tourists come to Nashville, many have always asked me one simple question: “Where do all the locals go?” After one or two days spending downtown, most tourists want to experience a different aspect to Nashville, one that is off the beaten path. This website will provide all the details and a brief synopsis of these events that can allow tourists to experience the “non-touristy” side to middle Tennessee.

Here is an example of what you can expect – The Tomato Art Fest – https://hangoutnashville.wordpress.com/2016/07/28/tomato-art-fest-2016/

Meet Aiden J. Reid is 33-year-old Irish author of Sci-fi and thrillers as well as being a freelance blogger. He is currently based in Dublin. He offers a number of services to businesses on the SEO front. https://aidanjreid.com/services/

Aiden has written three books – Pathfinders, Sigil and Spectrum… here is a brief look at one of them. Sigil – A Tom Regan Thriller.


The sleepy Irish village of Ballygorm is shocked one bright summer morning by the tragic news that one of their own, a successful young builder and devoted family man has been found dead, hanging in an apparent suicide.

But Parish Priest, Father Tom Regan is sceptical. Inspired by his TV detective hero, Fr Regan uses his twin role as confessional confidante and the village’s religious figurehead to investigate the mysterious death and he suspects foul play.

Piecing the clues together, he finds that his outwardly pious and tight-knit community has been harbouring a murderer in a village where everyone is a suspect.

View all the books and buyhttps://www.amazon.co.uk/Aidan-J.-Reid/e/B01BS8XUYU

Meet Christopher Scotthttps://christopherscottauthor.wordpress.com/about-me/ – who after a change of direction now spends his free time writing and mentoring his local robotic team. You find reviews and short stories on his blog – https://christopherscottauthor.wordpress.com/short-stories-and-random-musings/.  He is also the author of The Nightshadow Chronicles.


Meet Anna of Anonymously Autistichttps://anonymouslyautistic.net/about/ who post about all aspects of autism from a personal perspective and also with information for those who would like to know more about the condition. Here is an example that I found very helpful – https://anonymouslyautistic.net/2016/07/27/what-does-autism-feel-like/


Meet Melissa Faye Andrews who has the cutest best friend ever called Harvey.. Melissa echoes many of our sentiments with the title of her blog – So Many Books, So Little Time.. find out more about here – https://wanttoreadthat.wordpress.com/about/


Melissa reviews books and here is her latest for A Girl on the Trainhttps://wanttoreadthat.wordpress.com/2016/07/28/the-girl-on-the-train-review/


Meet Anabela of https://mywordzblog.wordpress.com/ who has only recently started her blog and here is her first post on the subject.

So I decided to start my blog today, this is something I have been thinking about for some time now, but there’s always something in the way…

However, today is as good a day as any other. What am I going to blog about? You might ask. I have started studying English and Creative Writing two years ago and a passion for poetry has reignited in me, quite surprisingly to be honest. I thought my time as a poet was confined to my teen years when hormones were running confused all over my being. I was wrong, there has always been a poet in me and I had no idea.  Continue reading….https://mywordzblog.wordpress.com/2016/07/25/sharing-my-poetry/


Meet UC of Sparkle with UC – a young mother with two children who is also studying for a master’s degree.  She suffers from autoimmune disease which make living such a busy life challenging but it is clear from her posts that this is not going to take the sparkle off life. https://sparklewithuc.com/about/

This post is about attitude.. and that is one of the key ingredients to living a full life whatever it throws at you. https://sparklewithuc.com/2016/07/26/attitude/

Thank you for dropping by and I am sure that you will enjoy visiting and following these bloggers.. Enjoy the weekend.. Sally











10 thoughts on “Welcome to the party – Meet and Greet – Nashville sights and sounds, authors and life’s challenges

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  2. I love these parties Sal. You always introduce to some interesting people and sites. As I sit here listening to the Country music channel and have a fascination to visit Nashville, I’m heading over to that site. And also to Melissa’s to read the review of Girl on a Train which has been standing on my bookshelf for a year already waiting to be read! 🙂 xoxo

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  3. Thank you so much for mentioning me!! 😀 🙂 i love your blog and hope you get to own your own coffee shop soon ^-^ x


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