Smorgasord pet Health – 56 homecooked recipes for your fur family.

Smorgasbord Pet Health

Sam was sent home as a puppy with a bag of food that he had been weaned on. Even at 8 weeks old he was determined to educate us as to his food preferences and declined to eat it at all. I have always prepared dog food previously for my other two collies so decided to go that route. Being a little chap it was minced chicken and starchy veg to begin with but by the time he was two years old he would eat basmati rice with a protein including beef, chicken, salmon and offal as well as a hard boiled egg for breakfast. Offal is cheaper and whilst not the most pleasant cooking task, a whole heart from the butcher would cost a few Euros and cooked off and frozen would feed Sam for a couple of weeks.

The pet food industry is worth billions of dollars and you can pay 40 Euro for a bag of dried food that promises to deliver taste and nutrition. My views are that like humans industrially produced foods are not compatible with our digestions and that artificial nutrients are never as good as the real thing.

I know that time is an issue and that being able to fill a bowl with Kibble or the like once a day is quick and easy. However, I have found that an hour a week and a freezer is all you need to spend to give your dog and cat the real thing that they will love.

I came across this post yesterday which is very timely as we contemplate getting our new dog in the coming months. 56 home cooked recipes that sound good enough to eat ourselves, including advice on the best ingredients to use and the nutritional benefits.

Here is an excerpt and then the link to follow.. They have a free download of their recipe book too. And here is Sam and his babies enjoying a mince and rice dinner back in the day. The kittens had their fill and wandered off to digest..

Sam and babies56 Amazing Dog Food Recipes.

With the popularity of our first Homemade Dog Food Recipes post, it was pretty clear that recipes were popular among our audience.

So we decided to post another set of Dog Food Recipes. But this time we wanted to make it bigger and better. So we created…
56 Dog Food Recipes Your Pet Will Love!

Because this post is so big and there is so much great content, we wanted to make it easy for you to consume (pardon our pun 🙂 ) the information.
So we’ve broken up the recipes into 11 categories:

Gluten Free
Grain Free
For Dogs with Sensitive Stomachs
Peanut Butter
Our Favorite Recipes from Others
4 More Bonus Recipes

You can click on any of the categories to jump straight to them.

We’ve also collected all 56 Recipes and put them into a downloadable PDF ebook. And it’s FREE!

There is a lot of talk over whether to make homemade dog food recipes for your pups, to feed them a raw diet, whether or not to buy all organic ingredients, questions concerning AAFCO’s [Association of American Feed Control Officials] guidelines on what is healthy and in general just who to buy from and what to look for in dog food.

We aren’t here to tell you what to do. All humans are different, just like all dogs are different, one diet doesn’t work for all humans, and one way of preparing food doesn’t work for all types of dogs. We are here to give you options! To open your mind and to generate questions!
Read the rest of the post here…..


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