FREE promotion opportunities on Smorgasbord

As a writer I believe in sharing other’s work in any of the creative fields. Not only because I receive such generous support from fellow bloggers but because we are a community and what is good for you is good for me.

There are a number of ways that you can promote your blog, poetry, books, art, photography, music and any other creative skill you have.

I am looking for guest posts on all aspects of health, on hobbies and crafts, cookery, recipes and writing of course.

smorgasbord short stories

There is a special place in my heart for short stories and we already have some great ones scheduled. By guest posting your stories here you will reach a new audience to your own blog and take advantage of my social media contacts.

Pet of the week

Pet of the week has proved very popular and dogs and cats have been starring every Thursday for a month or two.  Not only does your pet of any kind get their moment in the sun but you get to showcase your blog or work too.

Smorgasbord Autumn Reading

The Autumn Reading is a chance to share your latest book or one that that is receiving great reviews.

sally's cafe and bookstore

Book of the Week is for authors who are already in Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore and that is every Monday.

Living History

Finally The Sunday Living History Interview is an opportunity to share your thoughts, reactions to global events during your lifetime or the stories that you have heard from your parents, grandparents and if very lucky your great-grandparents.

Here is the link where you will find all the details on how to submit your post and how to contact me.

Looking forward to hearing from you.  Sally

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    Amazing Sally Cronin is offering every blogger, writer, author a chance to shine on her fabulous blog. Check it out – you gain more followers and the opportunity to meet lovely Sally! Thank you, Sally, for your generosity! ❤️

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