Book Review: Size Matters by Sally Cronin

Wow.. lovely to see Tina Frisco’s wonderful review for Size Matters this morning.. My first book that I wrote in 1999 and finally published in 2001 is now in its 4th Edition as an Ebook and I am sure, like many authors, that your first book is always your baby.. Thank you Tina for reminding me how far I have come…. I forget sometimes.


book-sally-size-mattersPublished on Amazon                               15 August 2016

Size Matters is Sally Georgina Cronin’s no-holds-barred, true-life story of her journey from near-death obesity to vibrant health.

I first was struck by the author’s willingness to share so many personal things that most of us would hold to dearly as private; things that would humiliate us; things that we’d be hard-pressed to look in the mirror and admit even to ourselves. I knew that anyone willing to bridge this gap must be someone with integrity and a deep concern for her fellow human beings.

I didn’t have to go far into the book to find the encouragement I needed. The last paragraph of chapter one said it all for me:       “What began as a painful journey into my past became an exciting adventure in the present with expectations of a much brighter future.” Above all else, I wanted a bright future. And…

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9 thoughts on “Book Review: Size Matters by Sally Cronin

  1. Thanks for reblogging, Sally. It only recently occurred to me that I ought to post all of my Amazon reviews on my blog. I’ve been a little slow on the draw when it comes to blogging. Hopefully, I’ll catch up soon. It was a pleasure to promote you ❤


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