My First Book Shout Out – An Insider’s Guide to Building a Successful Blog by Janice Wald

first book shout out

Today the featured book is for bloggers… However long we have been writing our blog posts there is always something more we can learn. As you will see from the reviews, new and seasoned bloggers are finding the book very helpful. An Insider’s Guide to Building a Successful Blog: Tips and Tricks from the creator of Mostly Blogging. Janice Wald.


About the book
Are you a blogger? Are you ready to see your page views skyrocket?

If so, you know the importance of using proven tips to engage readers, improve content, and increase blog traffic.

In 2016, there were over two billion social media users.

Fortunately, this guide is the only roadmap you will need to send them rushing to your blog.

“By your reading this particular ebook, you’re finally ready to cut through the clutter and all of the confusion and online noise.”

Janice Wald’s tips are proven by research and easy to understand and implement.

AN INSIDER’S LOOK AT BUILDING A SUCCESSFUL BLOG is a collection of Wald’s articles from her own successful blog, Mostly Blogging.

It contains step-by-step directions for content creation, tips for increasing readership, and advice about which tools to use to make blogging easier.

By following the advice in these posts, you will be able to increase your content’s visibility.

Follow her established strategies and see a dramatic increase in your blog traffic.

Some of the early reviews

I have read quite a few Blogging resources In fact I have a few more that I haven’t even cracked open. Now I have a resource that reads to me my eBooks so that means I can consume lots of eBooks. So one up to the Author. I can Drive while listening to your book and grab golden nuggets on improving my blog!

– First Let me say that anyone who is new to blogging and has to clue how to get going, whether its worth the journey, must Read this book.

– A seasoned blogger that isn’t yet getting traction even though you blog consistently, Must read this book

– A successful blogger who has achieved the Goal for their blog, Mus read this book. WHY?
Because Janice breaks down the basics, Gets rid of the cobwebs, states clearly what you need to do, Shares her story weaved in every chapter and Above all, Her statistics and Those of Other experienced bloggers.

Cherry on the cake, Janice did her homework. She has interviewed numerous Industry and niche bloggers, she has got them to dish the goods on how they create blogging success and that alone makes the price point for this book a steal! In fact the author makes blogging sound such fun, yet she doesn’t hype it up and its not for everybody, that comes across in An Insider’s Guide to Building a Successful Blog! I sure recommend This book! Thanks Janice for Sharing the wealth 🙂

I’ve been blogging for under a year and the immediate thing learned is the Internet is awash with hints, tips and tricks from SEO to personal anecdotes. To a newcomer like me it is not only overwhelming, but down right confusing to sift the good ideas from the plethora of blind alleys requiring more time than I have to figure out what’s going on…not to mention an underlying sense that the real deals are kept under wraps.

Enter Janice and An Insiders Guide to Building a Succesful Blog. Packed with easy to follow tips and tricks, from the so obvious I’ve missed them to the down right innovative. It’s obvious from the bet beginning that the author has been around blogs for a long time and has ploughed through the things us newcomers encounter; sifting wheat from chaffe and plonking them down inside this book.

With a book rich in advice like this, dont waste time and energy trolling websites looking for the trade tricks. They are all condensed with easy to follow explanations from start to finish.

This book is the thing I wish I’d had almost a year ago.

I have known Janice as a blogger for two years and her blog shares amazing tips on the art and science of blogging. She has deftly captured techniques for running a successful and engaging blog outlining tips for writing, curating, website development, and more. Her book includes little-known ideas for SEO, websites for promoting your blog to get more traffic and readers, and good ideas for utilizing social media to promote your posts. As a follower of her popular blog, I have used many of the tips and techniques for my own blog and website. If you area blogger, whether a newbie or a vet, there is something in this eBook for you!

Read all the reviews and BUY the book:

About Janice Wald


I’m Janice Wald, the author of AN INSIDER’S GUIDE TO BUILDING A SUCCESSFUL BLOG, available on

I write about blogging in order to help bloggers by giving step-by-step directions for content creation.

By following the advice in these posts, you will be able to increase your content’s visibility. Let me help you increase your traffic as I have done for so many others.

For example, my posts How to Make 1,406 People Look At Your Site in 1 Day and How to Quickly Get 3,000 New Blog Followers are typical posts you will find on my blog.

My blog is included in

77 Expert Tips on How to Start a Successful Blog
57 Experts Share Tips on How to Create the Best Content Possible
100 Blogs That Will Help You Become a Better Blogger
Top 100 Blogs for First Time Bloggers to read
101 Tips from Top Experts on How to Start a Successful Blog
15 Powerful Bloggers You Should Learn From to Grow Your Online Business,
and 18 Content Marketing Blogs You Need to Follow Right Now.

Whether you are a business blogger, a lifestyle blogger, a parent blogger, or a reader looking for advice, there are tips that will help you at this site.

At Mostly Blogging I use my skills as a teacher to help you succeed.

I do a great deal of reading about blogging, and I take blogging classes. Additionally, I attend webinars and conferences. I will pass on the advice that I learn to my readers.

By following my blog, you will save time as well as receive information since I will pass on the knowledge I acquire to you. These tips are proven by research and easy-to-implement.

Connect to Janice Wald

Thank you for dropping in today and as always your feedback is very welcome.. Please help share the news of Janice’s new book.. Thanks Sally

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  2. I’m so happy to see my friend Janice featured here today! Janice is a treasure trove of information for all bloggers and writers. I wish you much success Janice with your debut book, which I know is already a success. And I look forward to your guest visit at my place next month! 🙂 ❤

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