Losing the plot

While most of us have had the shivers courtesy of the shenanigans across the Atlantic that have everyone on edge, poor Jessica Norrie has had to deal with her own challenges… tripping and falling on what should have been a wonderful autumnal walk through Epping Forest. (we lived in South Woodford for 9 years so know those root laden trails well!) Head over and read her very entertaining (sorry Jessica) account of the aftermath.

Words and Fictions

Six weeks ago I was in Japan, loving it so much I thought I could teach English there if I ran low on funds. I also have plans for Iceland, Cuba, India, Sri Lanka….

On Wednesday 2nd Nov, my horizons narrow. It’s a beautiful autumn day. Trees glow, low sun brushes everything gold. I drive to Epping Forest for a walk. The forest is almost luminous on this shining day. Most trees still have most leaves, but there’s already a crisp carpet of brown, red and yellow on the forest floor. Shuffling through is as fun now as it was in childhood, but we walk fast: it’s only 10am and the temperature is invigorating.

14680485_1416565278371060_438455255249072383_n Connaught Water, Epping Forest. Photo by Nikkii Barnett.

It’s the end of the year but the springtime of my ideas: the novel to which I’ve been doggedly adding 1000 words a day for the past month is taking…

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1 thought on “Losing the plot

  1. Jessica’s unfortunate accident (which she relates with such humour) reminds me of when I tripped over a fallen tree branch about 12 years ago. Naturally I put out my hands to steady myself and the next thing I felt was a sharp pain in my left wrist which, on visiting Saint Thomas’s hospital it turned out was broken. I well remember popping into my local pub (since closed) for Sunday lunch shortly after my accident and being informed by all and sundry that my wrist was only bruised! Kevin


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