Sally’s Cafe & Bookstore Christmas Update – New covers and reviews

My thanks to those of you in the bookstore who have let me know your updates and news. I will feature your updates as they come in and also work my way through the bookstore finding new reviews and sharing them.  Contact me on if your book in the store has a great new review we can showcase.


The first update is from D.Wallace Peach who has brand new covers for her Dragon Soul Quartet having moved to self-publishing.


You can buy the complete series at a special price of £7.28 but here is Book 1 in the series.

61abvx-feql-_uy250_About Myths of the Mirror

In the distant mountains of the Mirror, exiled skyriders fly dragons in the old Way, merged in flesh, blood, and bone. Twenty years past, they fought for the freedom of the valley’s dragons … and lost.

Imprisoned in the stone lair, the captive dragons beat their webbed wings and thrash serpentine tails. They tear their flesh and batter their bodies against the black bars of their cells, iron grating against iron. The once peaceful creatures howl, tormented by spine and spur, their fury matched only by their despair.

Treasa, the daughter of exiles, seeks the secrets of a hidden past and a father she never knew. Gifted with visions, she glimpses pieces of years long lost and a veiled future that only raises more questions. The dragons visit her dreams, laden with contradictions that tear at her heart—for one day she sails in unfettered flight, her arms thrown wide, and the next she writhes in tortured darkness, desperate to be free.

The lair’s black-garbed riders sense the dragons’ growing savagery. Yet Conall longs to grasp their power, to subdue them and soar. He will endure the reek, filth, and terror of the lair to earn his right to fly. With a heart encased in steel, he masters the weapons of compliance to see his will done. At the cost of the woman he loves.

Then, a curved talon rends flesh and dragon scale, rattling against white ribs. Blood falls like rain and the world shifts. Treasa and Conall must decide who they are and what they stand for. Thus the battle for the dragon soul begins again. Alliances form, old myths are revealed, and new myths are born.

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Also by D. Wallace Peach


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My next update is for Annabelle Franklin whose children’s books would make the perfect gift for the younger members of the family.

61rpmg12skl-_ux250_Here is Annabelle’s first book – Gateway to Magic.


One of the latest reviews for the book

A great adventure By Angelbear on June 7, 2016

Main characters – Steven the human, Nigel the shapeshifter, The fairy Queen and Mr Fildew the Queens Dungeon master.  Places – Earth and Fairyland

What story is about – Steven get mad tricked into pushing back the button that will send him to fairyland by his cousin Tracy.

After spending some time there and getting tricked by nasty goblins and a mischievous shape shifter, Steven just wants to go home but can’t find anyone to help him. After Steven steals cakes from the fairy market he ends up in the Forrest of pointy fingers to be punished.
He eventually gets out of it and becomes the fairy queens consultant hoping that she will send him home.

My Review Even though this is a children’s book I did enjoy reading it to my daughter.
The author has a really good imagination and I think a younger person would have been totally engrossed in the magical world of fairies and goblins.

My daughter loved the Sock worms and Fairy queen.

The characters and places are fun and certainly magical and even though Steven faces real danger he manages to get out of it.

It gives the advice through way of punishment that if you do something wrong you should work out why it is wrong, learn form it and change yourself so you don’t do it again.

Also by Annabelle Franklin.

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Now for an update on a colouring book that was published mid-year by artist Tracy Campbell that has received rave reviews.

31mghvhea4l-_ux250_Calm Coloring – Faith, Hope & Love


A selection of the reviews

Yummy Goodness By Skye Goddess on June 7, 2016

Tracy Campbell’s book, Calm Coloring has gorgeous drawings just aching to be filled with color! I absolutely love the author’s whimsical style, and positive spirituality. Every page is filled with yummy drawings and optimistic spiritual affirmations. I can’t see how you could not feel good after coloring a page from this book. My personal favorites are the Heaven mushroom, the Kindness fish, and the Thank You Bonus cupcake at the end (you really want the bonus cupcake, it’s good enough to eat).

I love coloring as a form of relaxation. Calm Coloring: Faith, Hope & Love is a perfect way to add an element of fun to your stress reduction. What better way to prepare your mind and body for deep prayer and reflection than by stepping away from your busy life for 15 minutes and diving into this coloring book for all ages.The best part is the artwork is whimsical and fun and can actually be completed in one sitting.

Read the reviews and buy the
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Thank you for dropping in today and of course always delighted if you would leave your feedback and share the post.  Thanks Sally

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