Smorgasbord Christmas Reading – The Gift: Betrayal (The Gift Legacy) by JP McLean


Today’s book is The Gift: Betrayal (The Gift Legacy) by JP McLean and was released on November 15th. A complex tale of relationships and thrilling drama.

betrayal250x400About the book

Vengeance for the Forsaken . . . What would you do if your wife left you for your worst enemy, and then proceeded to empty your bank account? When Jackson Delaney learns that his wife betrayed him for his half-brother, nothing less than revenge will quench the fire in his soul. But first he has to find them.

Jackson joins forces with an unlikely partner—his wife’s brother. They put aside their warring motives, and dive headlong into a search that will test their characters and break the laws of two worlds. And when Jackson meets Emelynn Taylor, a mysterious young woman with no knowledge of her arcane and powerful gift, he recklessly lures her into his vengeful mission. But nothing is what it seems, and from a single deception grows a web of strangling lies. Betrayal careens on a high-speed chase, from the gentile character of New Orleans to the rugged beauty of the North American west coast.

Chronologically speaking, Betrayal isn’t the “next” book in the Gift Legacy series. It’s more like book 1.5. It’s Awakening Redux—this time told in Jackson Delaney’s voice. This is his story. Jackson was Emelynn Taylor’s love interest in Awakening. He was controversial, his role was pivotal and his story demanded to be told. You may not forgive him, when you turn the last page, but you won’t forget him.

Betrayal is a standalone story, but be warned: it will spoil Awakening for you. Here’s what two of my favourite early reviewers have to say about Betrayal:

JP McLean possesses her own unique gift: the ability to bewitch her readers with her boundless imagination.  Elinor Florence, Bestselling Author of Bird’s Eye View

Exciting action and conflict of loyalties make this a fantastic page-turner. Kristina Stanley, Bestselling Author of the Stone Mountain Mystery Series.

Some of the early reviews for Betrayal from Amazon 

Simply Stunning~ A Spellbounding Adventure! By Vanessa Rose on November 15, 2016

I received an advance review copy of Betrayal from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. She is well known for her fine contributions to the Canadian Literary Community. Her recent accomplishment is nothing less than spell bounding; both compelling and absorbing leaving the reader on the edge of their seat, thirsting for more as evident in the first few pages of Chapter 1.She invites us to see the world of relationships, are they more complex outside the family or inside. The theory is turned on its proverbial head as the reader is carefully pulled into this world of intrigue, I would compare this skill to that of John Le Carre. The world building and character development are finely tuned in the orchestration of brilliant plot sequencing and leave you breathless at every turn!Worthy as an Academy Award in literature this book is an absolute must for your prized book shelf. I highly recommend this; the only difficulty I had, as you will, is to pull yourself away.

Wow! Wow! Wow!  By Pat McDonald on November 24, 2016

Wow, wow, wow! I make no apology for being a huge fan of The Gift series, why would I, it’s brilliant. Waiting for The Gift – Betrayal to arrive I knew from the outset it replayed The Gift – Awakening but telling Jackson’s story his view of it and his life leading up to The Awakening. This is up there in satisfying my expectations having been a long-time admirer of The Rashomon effect since the time of reading Little Dorrit by Charles Dickens where he tells the story twice, once a view of Little Dorrit in her impoverished world and the same story from the view of the rich; the two views depicting the same story.

It gives a stark lesson in understanding real life in that you really never know about people, their lives and their motivations.Here is J P McLean at her most brilliant because this book replays some of Book 1 and fills in the missing understanding of Jackson’s motivation and thoughts during the discovery, development and training of Emelynn and her gift and why he deserted her. Of course, seen from the perspective of other characters, especially Emelynn, it looks like Betrayal; but all is never what it seems!This book is clever and professionally executed with the JP McLean exquisite writing. Here is a true master of characterisation in showing the different sides of the same characters. I literally couldn’t put it down (well not for long) and dared to believe at the end….is it left open for another book? I hope so! Pat McDonald British Crime Author

Buy the Book :

The other books in the series.


A review for the series
“There is something in JP Mclean’s series that I haven’t found in many other books of this genre: it’s original, it’s plausible, it’s intelligent. No cliches, no stereotypes, no romanticized love stories … But that’s not all and hopefully, after I read the last book in the series, I’ll be able to fully explain this beautiful reading experience.” —J.F. Kaufmann, Author of The Langaer Chronicles

Read all the reviews and BUY the books:

About JP McLean


J.P. (Jo-Anne) McLean is the author of The Gift Legacy series, Awakening, Revelation, Redemption, Penance and Betrayal. Reviewers call the series, addictive, smart and fun.Jo-Anne and her husband live on Denman Island, nestled between the coast of British Columbia and Vancouver Island.J.P. holds a degree in Commerce from the University of British Columbia, is a certified SCUBA diver, an avid gardener and a voracious reader.

The first book of her Gift Legacy Series, Awakening, received Honourable Mention at the 2016 Whistler Independent Book Awards. In 2016, J.P.’s body of work was included in the Centennial Anthology of the Comox Valley Writers Society, Writers & Books – Comox Valley 1865-2015.When she’s not plotting on paper, you can find her growing killer weeds, murdering flowers for decoration or testing some culinary delight on unsuspecting guests.For book excerpts, reviews and contact information, visit her website.

Connect to JP McLean


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  3. Wow, what fantastic reviews, and of course I had to fatten my already obese kindle up with this book! Now I just look forward to getting to it! Thanks for this introduction to Jo-Anne’s books, Sal. 🙂 ❤

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