More About the Future of Ichabod Brooks

Charles Yallowitz is looking for answers (aren’t we all) but his are in relation to the Legends of Windemere and the possibility of creating short stories for Ichabod Brooks.. can you help him out?

Legends of Windemere

Finding Nemo Finding Nemo

At least at the writing of this post, people are liking the idea of doing a collection of Ichabod Brooks short stories.  I’m away until tonight, so I don’t know if things changed and a bunch of people swooped in to boo the idea.  If so then tell my family to stop fixing the polls.  (Joking!)  Figure 10-12 at 30-35 pages would work.  Leaning more toward the 10 than the 12.

There are still a few questions I have to find answers to in regards to Ichabod:

  1. Do I keep ‘Ichabod Brooks and the City of Beasts’ as a 99 cent intro or unpublish that to make it the lead to the overall book?  Doesn’t really sell any more, but who knows what will happen?  Wondering if I can mention it in the blurb of the collection.
  2. Do I remove ‘Ichabod Brooks and The Starwind Egg’ from the…

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