Smorgasbord Christmas Reading – Anti-Social Media by Kate-Beth Heywood


Barely a day does not go by when there is not yet another headline about a celebrity at the losing end of a social media blunder. And celebrities are not the only socialites who are impacted by trolls and bullies judging by the posts on Facebook regularly. Anti-Social Media by Kate-Beth Heywood is a comedy of errors about the subject.. A great gift for any of us who spend way too much time online.. and a warning for those who are about to venture onto one of the social media platforms. Think before you click send!

511bj4icpgl-_uy250_About the book

Constance Anderson is a scriptwriter… without a script. But this isn’t a problem until, by random stroke of fate the Hollywood diva Jennifer Roberts announces on American primetime television that Constance is writing her next movie.

This is news to Constance; how the hell did that happen? She is jettisoned to fame overnight and faces a race against time to write the script. With the help of an unscrupulous ‘agent’ and a hostile ghost writer, Constance battles her way to Hollywood through the onslaught of social media, trolls, a philandering boyfriend, and leaked naked photographs…

Social media paves the way for an unknown scriptwriter in a comedy of misunderstandings and miscreants, and finally an ounce of good luck.

A selection of the reviews for the book.

Good for a giggle! By Angela Z on October 19, 2015

From start to finish I could not put this book down. For me that is unusual – I have a very short attention span!

The characters, and style of writing in this book are a total joy. Honest, no-frills, and wickedly real. But most of all, believable, and in the end, loveable. The story of Constance, a would-be scriptwriter, and Jennifer, a self-obsessed monster of a celebrity, are engaging, and at times, laugh-out-loud hilarious! The men in the story are realistically disappointing. No cringingly unbelievable muscle-bound hero to rescue our flawed heroine, I am happy to report!

The way the story is woven around a backdrop of almost constant social media interference, is to me, extremely relevant to the way we live our lives in 2015. I look forward to reading further books from this Author.

Well done, Kate-Beth Heywood!

Light-hearted Fun By Jo on July 29, 2016

Anti-Social Media pokes a lot fun at social media and our modern life styles. The power of a ‘follow’, and then saving face, turns the events into an amusing dash for the finish line.

I thoroughly enjoyed the sparring between the characters. The dialogue is quick and witty. The second guessing internal thoughts are spot on in some places.

The story sets the stage for a last opportunity for one, a good starting point for another, and a departure point for someone seeking peace.

It’s a good laugh, and well worth the read if you enjoy a novel with a (mostly) happy ending.

I got this book for free and when I started reading it was convinced I was going to hate it. But I didn’t. It was funny, maybe not laugh-out-loud funny, but certainly a fun read. And there is a lot of truth in the book – social media (and the news rags and paparazzi) can make anyone, with a little help from the person themselves, look good, bad, horrid or whatever seems to fit in that second. I highly recommend this book, it may get you off Twitter!

Read all the reviews and BUY the book:

About Kate-Beth Heywood


Kate is the author of the comedy novel, Anti-Social Media which was inspired by the lovely trolls, bullies, and pedants who inhabit the world of social media… and a fantastically farcical Woody Allen movie (Italian tenor singing in a shower onstage, anyone?) She is working on her second novel, which is yet unnamed but has the working title ‘Guest House.’ She’s not entirely sure why it has that working title as it’s not actually about a guest house, but let’s not become pedantic. She loves to connect with readers and fellow writers and enjoys reviewing others works.

Kate is still the right side of 40 although she pretends that the impending big four-oh doesn’t bother her in the slightest. This may be true given that she still has four years to go but as those four years begin to ebb away her hysterics are certain to increase markedly. Kate is married with two children.

Connect to Kate-Beth Heywood.


Christmas Tree courtesy of author John W. Howell


John Howell, Amazon:

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