Smorgasbord Christmas Reading – Your Magnificent Self – A Journey to Freedom by Barbara Franken

christmas-reading-3Spirituality is not bound by organised religious beliefs and dogma but comes from within. It is a very personal and powerful force within an individual that does not need expression to be profound and meaningful. For millions in societies where belief is governed and repressed, it is a way that a person can still obtain strength and meaning. I am not religious but I do feel very strongly that you can still be spiritual and a good person without a formal label.  Today’s book is by Barbara Franken, who shares her own experiences along the pathway to spirituality in Your Magnificent Self – A Journey to Freedom.

book-twoAbout the book

Barbara’s story is a magnificent LOVE story between her Divine and Human selves… who find each other after many years and become ONE. It is a magical journey that begins with her question Who am I. The more she explores, the more aware she becomes and her mind grows quiet, this allows her to perceive nine Elemental Beings who remind her of her core truths and take her from a world of fear, struggle and limitation into a New Energy Consciousness of love, grace and freedom. In this loving space she observes and feels the natural integration of All of herself, a Loving and Magnificent Master Creator who chooses, expresses and creates heart and soul passion on the physical plane and beyond… beyond imagination, words and everything that is known until now.

Barbara holds the vision of a Loving and Peaceful New Earth where Humankind, one heart at a time, realise the truth of their own magnificence as they choose to hear their Divine and Loving voice that resides within and allows them to experience a life of celebration, love, fun and freedom.

She has released her true story to help inspire others to resonate with their own Magnificent Consciousness… to OWN it and ALLOW their unique and free creative expression to unfold in the heart of life.

A selection of the reviews

A little book with a big impact, a real privilege to glimpse a little of the journey Barbara has been on though I suspect she’s not done yet. It will resonate with each of her readers in so many different ways wherever they happen to be as part of their individual journeys to acceptance of all they are and the freedom this brings. Barbara’s colourful, expressive drawings and short narrative guide us through the immenseness of what she has felt, absorbed, experienced – 9 elemental beings come and reside with her for a while throughout her journey, walking with her until a new level of conciousness has enveloped her, each one almost a facet of Barbara herself.

It’s a book to read in one sitting, revisit any number of times and ponder on for eternity. Barbara has dared to do what most of us spend lifetimes yearning for, experiencing joy above and beyond humankind, daring to believe we are more than this. It is so deep there is no end.

‘Interesting, Intriguing AND achievable’ – Linda A. Lavid, award-winning author.

There are many books that discuss one author’s road to Enlightenment. But readers want to join the party and experience it for themselves. This book straddles both worlds. While personal, it also expands the topic and makes it interesting, intriguing and achievable.

Izabela Lewandowska-Sletner 3 Dec 2015

It is a small book with a lot of content. It has a size perfect for a handbag, so I can carry it with me, and read it whenever I have a free moment. But it could have been a much larger book, because there is so much information and threads (leads). However Barbara decided to leave them to our imagination and initiative to dive into our own consciousness and find our own truth.

The book can be read like a fairy tale, poetry or a self-help book, all three in one. It is the author’s story about discovering and developing sensitivity to her own new human IAM finding it utterly magnificent and being sure that that magnificence is characteristic for every person living on the Earth. In the process of that discovery she is welcoming nine Elemental Beings which are actually aspects of her own being, aspects that can’t be neglected any longer, need to be listened to and integrated. It is really a book about falling in love with oneself, something that is not very popular in our culture and society. But Barbara makes it very visual and obvious that this is a way to become truly free, happy and awakened Self. During this journey her life is expanding into light, creativity and love and she wants to share this way with us readers.
Language used in the book needs some explanation and Barbara supplies a very useful glossary explaining many terms she uses in the book.

The book is also illustrated with Barbara’s own colorful artworks, created intuitively. She is very modest about her drawings, but they are a perfect complement to her little, charming book.

BUY the Book:

About Barbara Franken


Barbara is a Creative Visionary and Master Creator… both Divine and Human… creating herself and her life as she desires in each moment. She loves to express All that she is through her Art, Photography, Writing and consciously being her Magnificent Self. Her creative expression allows her to expand beyond her Human challenges and the goings on in the world and remain passionate, vibrant and true to herself… inspiring others along the way.

She lives with her husband Tom on the beautiful Mediterranean Coast in Benalmadena, Spain and together enjoys a relaxed and balanced life… walking in nature, exploring beautiful places, meeting interesting people, tasting good foods and wines and travelling across the seas to visit their family and friends. Barbara is passionate about inspiring our young children to explore, question, experience, discover and express the Magnificent Consciousness each person and All life truly is.

She has therefore created a Spanish Non-Profit Asociacion Conciencia Magnifica to raise money from the sale of her books and Master Creator Classes to fund ‘Project Magnificent Consciousness’, a creative art project she has introduced into local schools and after schools.

Connect to Barbara

Who AM I:

Christmas Tree courtesy of author John W. Howell


John Howell, Amazon:

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24 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Christmas Reading – Your Magnificent Self – A Journey to Freedom by Barbara Franken

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  2. Thanks so much Sally for featuring my book in your Christmas reading promotion. Everyone has a story and can inspire others about our Humanness and LOVE which makes our world possible to enjoy… Your helping fellow authors this way is inspiring thankyou x barbara

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  3. I imagine this is a powerful book, as the inner journey to the Divine Self is both a treacherous and ecstatic one. I’ve shared and have sent the Amazon link to a friend whom I think will benefit greatly. Brave of you to publish such a personal journey, Barbara. Thanks so much for sharing, Sally 💖

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    • You gave me a giggle reading the title of your blog… This is exactly what I realized on my journey. If I didn’t go beyond the programmed and chaotic mind there was no hope in finding my freedom. Thankyou so much for resonating with my story and IAM curious to how you find it. Much love Barbara x

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  4. So nice to learn about Barbara and her book. I’m definitely going to have to add this to my TBR, my kind of read! And I’m with you Sal, you don’t have to be religious to be spiritual. Looking forward to Barbara’s book. ❤ 🙂

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