Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore Christmas Update – Children’s Books the perfect gift.


Welcome to the latest update from Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore. Throughout the year over 120 authors have been promoted weekly on the blog and their books now reside in the virtual bookstore along with their buy links and websites. In the run up to Christmas I will be visiting all the authors in the store and checking for updates and new reviews on their most recent books. If you are in the bookstore and have recently published a new book, received a rave review then please let me know..

My first update is to congratulate Deanie Humphrys- Dunne for being voted a winner 2016 for ‘50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading’ for her wonderful children’s books. Also an update on reviews for her book Charlie The Horse which was released as for Kindle earlier this year.

15420974_1317393351625880_1720499298908026472_nAbout Charlie the Horse.


Charlie dreamed of becoming a famous racehorse like his Dad, Charles the Great. Will he have the talent to succeed when he leaves for training at Sweetbrier Racing Stable? What will he do if he’s tired and doesn’t feeling like running? How will Charlie react when he faces challenges on the race track? Charlie tells this story just for you. Your child will delight in reading about Charlie as a baby horse with a big dream. All of Deanie’s books convey positive messages for children. Charlie the Horse emphasizes working hard and setting goals.

I thought the author did a great job of keeping the reader turning pages after pages, till like me I was finally able to finish this story tonight! This is why I was able to enjoy this ebook and wish now to recommend this for five stars and especially for those who love to read clean,fun horse stories like this I received this ebook for free and in particular to give it an honest review. Super job Deànie! By Angela

An inspiring story for any child. It was a fun experience reading this book by author Deanie Dunne. She put great thought into this book and into the imagination of making the horse (Charlie) talk himself.

Also by Deanie Humphrys-Dunne

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Read all the reviews and BUY the books:


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My next update is for Gigi Sedlmayer whose wonderful books about Talon the Condor are hugely popular.  Gigi recently passed the 100 reviews milestone for her first book Talon, Come Fly with Me and the whole series has received amazing critical feedback. All of the books would make great gifts but I will feature the first in the series and leave you to catch up with the others on Amazon.


About the Book.

Talon come fly with me is a delightful middle gradestory set in Peru with a family of condors and missionary Australians. Is it possible for condors to understand humans? Suspend your beliefs and watch how an under-sizegirl, Matica, finds friends with a family of condors, after being rejected bythe Indians because of her size.

There are beautiful descriptions of the flight of the condors, and more so when Talon is cared for by Matica. The language suits this age group and does not talk down to the reader.
This is a great inspirational story for everyone. It will lift you up and make you believe in adventures, friendships, acceptance in a whole new light. Come and take the journey that is called Matica’s life. It is filled with rejections, heartbreaks, growth and loneliness, but through it all it will make you feel stronger.

Come Fly With Me is the first book in this series and you will be blown away!!!
In a world full of pain this story gives ones hope

One of the recent reviews out of 105.

Matica is a young girl who lives in the Andes with her missionary parents and older brother. What makes Matica unique, is that she is nine years-old but has the body of the two year-old child. Her affliction, causes the native Indians to be suspicious of Matica until she proves she is far more than her disability, and in fact her greatest strength is her size because being so small, Matica can fly on the back of a condor.

How this surprising event comes about, is when Matica befriends a male condor who seems to understand everything Matica is saying, and she in turn understand him. When the condor and his mate’s precious egg is stolen by poachers, Matica and her father find, and rescue the egg with the condors’ blessing. Matica and her family care for the egg and when it hatches, Matica is pseudo-mother to a giant condor.

Because of her befriending of the condors, Matica earns the Indians’ respect and admiration, which turns her life around. She gives talks at the school, and becomes special instead of feared. This is a story about how one young girl’s love for nature, turned her own life around and made it into something exciting, and most importantly, gave her disability meaning. This is a wonderfully written, heartfelt story about the power of love to redeem us. It’s about how Nature can heal and give our lives meaning and being us closer to those around us. I really enjoyed this story and would recommend it to readers of all ages. There is nothing in this book that I would read to even a five year-old

The other books in the series


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My final update today is for another very popular children’s author Darlene Foster and her series that features Amanda and her travels around the world. Recently re-published with all new covers. The featured books is Darlene’s recently released.. Amanda on the Danube… The Sounds of Music.


About the book

Twelve year old Amanda Ross finds herself on an elegant riverboat with her bestie, Leah, cruising down the beautiful Danube, passing medieval castles, luscious green valleys and charming villages. When she is entrusted with a valuable violin by a young, homeless musician during a stop in Germany, a mean boy immediately attempts to take it from her.

Back on their cruise, Amanda struggles to keep the precious violin safe for the poor prodigy. Along the way, she encounters a mysterious monk, a Santa Claus look-alike, and the same nasty boy.

Follow Amanda down the Danube, through Germany, Austria and Hungary, as she enjoys the enchanting sounds of music everywhere she goes. She remains on the lookout though, wondering just who she can trust.

One of the early reviews.

Good Reading By LAS Reviewer on November 2, 2016

Amanda is excited. Her family and she are meeting her English friend and her parents to take a boat trip on the Danube. She’s from Canada and Leah is from England so they don’t get to see each other as much as they would have liked. They’ll have lots of sights to see, good music and museums and historical sites galore. What could go wrong?

This book can be read alone but if it’s a good fit for your child others are out there and more will be coming. The author does a good job of writing an interesting story that will keep a child’s attention without being condescending. The mystery is realistic and entertaining. These points make a good book for young ones.

Amanda and Leah are visiting the cities they stop at with their parents. They are allowed to wander alone as long as they stay together. Leah is there but she’s almost always texting with friends at home. That annoys Amanda a bit. Amanda keeps running across the same boy in their travels. He finally hands her a violin case and asks her to keep it safe. That’s going to be harder than it sounds. She hides it well but it’s obvious someone is after it.

As she asks questions she learns more about the violin and also more about the boy. Without trying to, she’s managed to get entwined in a case where thieves are after the violin because of its value. It’s the boy’s only connection to his family and he doesn’t want to lose it. Amanda has her work cut out for her, but she’s up to the task. Recommended.

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The other books in the series

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Read all the reviews and BUY the books:


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I hope that has given you some ideas for books for the younger members of the family.. Thanks for dropping in and would be grateful if you could share.. Thanks Sally

20 thoughts on “Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore Christmas Update – Children’s Books the perfect gift.

  1. What a lovely update, Sally. We should never underestimate the importance of children’s books or reading to children. The lack thereof can cause many early life disadvantages (and I know from my own childhood). I particularly liked Deanie’s covers — all tied together by the artwork style. Also it somehow seemed like it would invite a child’s imagination. Cheers and good luck to all these lovely authors. Mega hugs.

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  3. Thanks from me and Amanda for listing the books!! Greatly appreciated. My Canadian book tour and friends and family visit is almost at an end and we have done well. Time to head back to sunny and much warmer Spain. ❤

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  4. The children’s books section is the first place I go whenever I visit a bookstore. I love the covers and colors, not to mention the little ones who are usually hanging around. This is a lovely collection, Sal. Shared it to Gabby and the Quads page ♥

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