Smorgasbord Weekly Round Up. Baring it all, blog milestone and Christmas Party


Welcome to the weekly round-up and I have finally got around to changing my profile photo from the sun-tanned me with our Spanish garden in the background. To be honest there has been little opportunity to stop and take personal photos in the last year but since I was spruced up for our first Christmas drinks with the neighbours, I got David to get some snaps.

I think I have changed the photo everywhere including Amazon where it can take a few days or sometimes weeks for it to appear. And so this is me… up to date and good for another year.

We had a great evening, and our neighbours have been very patient as we promised them a drink six months ago!  I was  a little nervous as the neighbours behind us actually built our home 20 years ago and after selling it ten years ago had not been inside to see what we had done with it.. Thankfully they loved it so delighted.. A couple more rooms to finish and some glossing and then it is down brushes until the spring when we will paint the outside of the house at the back.  Next job however is to continue the work in the garden before the Irish spring regrowth which with all our rain is rampant.

Anyway… back to the round up and the Christmas Party is in full swing with guests with stories, music, party food and humour. There is a little space left in Christmas week for last minute book promotions or updates to books if you are already in the Cafe and bookstore. Details in the recap below.

A little celebration for the blog this week and that is passing the 140,000 views this year.. that is a huge amount of support and I cannot thank you enough..  Numbers are only important in as much as they indicate that your reach is growing.. the important key statistics however is the number of satisfied customers and for that I turn to the comments that are left by readers to the posts. I am truly grateful for that feedback and it helps me to plan next year’s series for book promotion, health and entertainment.

On with the show….

classical music

Classical Music with William Price King


Bloggers around the Christmas Tree

Here is Mr. Christmas Special himself.. Mr Tony Bennett – Have Yourself a Very Merry Christmas

Christmas Party Playlist


William Price King on stage6c64f505bca583c06dafddeec6613feb

Cafe & Bookstore Christmas Update

If you are already in the bookstore then please and have a new review or book release since your promotion.. let me know

If you have not been promoted on the blog before and have a new book to promote then we can fit in a Christmas Reading.. see below.




Smorgasbord Christmas Reading

If you have a recent release then you may find this promotion suits.. check it out.






Christmas Party Guests






Christmas Party food and drink


Personal Stuff


Laughter the Best Medicine


Thank you for getting the Christmas Party of to a swinging start… especially if you are a cat!  More to come next week with a wonderful list of guests, stories, food, laughter and mayhem.

Thanks for dropping in.. Sally



50 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Weekly Round Up. Baring it all, blog milestone and Christmas Party

  1. Wonderful new photo for the New Year. Sounds like your celebration went well and of course your post is astounding as usual. I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your generosity including me in this years posts. I am humbled by your kindness.
    Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year filled with love, continued success and joy in 2017.

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      • It makes perfect sense actually. In mine, I’m wearing sunglasses and dressed in my summer attire lol The problem is that there aren’t many photos of me to choose from. I’m so camera shy that I avoid having my picture taken whenever possible. If I ever come across a photo of myself minus the sunglasses, I”ll be updating lol ((Hugs))

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  3. You look so happy and radiant, Sal, not to mention gorgeous. You are glowing, which speaks in part to the reciprocal nature of your blog ~ love given, love received by you and all who visit here. The 140,000 who brightened your blog left with an equal amount of good energy. Your house is now a home, and soon you’ll have a little 4-legged gracing your rooms. This week was jam-packed, wasn’t it? I’m grateful to have been included. Thank you, sweet friend. Happy Holidays, love and hugs 💖💖

    Liked by 1 person

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