Smorgasbord Christmas Reading – Hatchet Women by Nick Sconce


Today’s book is the latest release by author Nick Sconce and is set within an insurance company. Most of us have probably had reason to take issue with our insurers for one reason or another.. but in this case…. it might be the last thing we do!  Hatchet Women published in October.

51hk4ocqp4l-_uy250_About the book

Edie Firebaugh and her team of young, career-oriented women, are coerced to dye their hair to blend into their insurance company’s event planning department to conceal their real work in special investigations, fraud prevention, and agent termination. As they ascend and infiltrate the company’s hierarchy, they uncover a layered scheme in the private placement annuity unit, which limits pay-outs to customers through mass murders designed to look like tragic accidents. The unit also happens to be the most profitable for their company.

A short excerpt from the book.

“It’s him!” Edie hissed.

The four huddled over her laptop in shadow-drenched darkness.

“He’s there to steal our computers and phones,” Becca said.

“He’s tearing it off the dock,” Mona said.

The camera then leapt from its perch above Edie’s locking file cabinet and clattered to the floor, startling the hornless minotaur.

Mona and Edie were paralyzed before the screen. A slithering sound in the obsidian, rattling the camera into the man’s gloved hands along its cord. His moon-wide face exploded back into view in a disgusting close-up of his eyes and then up his nose.

“Nice,” Mona muttered.

Then the screen went grey blank. The session program signaled its termination.

One of the early reviews from Goodreads

I’ve read Nick Sconce’s previous novels, and this newest edition to his bibiliography exemplifies his continued rise as a masterful storyteller. Nick clearly challenges himself with a cast full of women, but he pulls it off convincingly with keen insight into the specific talents that make each one of his characters tick. He then sets loose this intriguing cast into what at first may sound like a mundane world of insurance, but quickly develops into a world of crime, the depths and breadth of which can only be rivaled by the real world.

Watching this cast of strong female characters unravel the dirty deeds of a seedy corporate underbelly is a pleasure almost revengeful. The prose and plot will keep you turning the page. You should also check out the accompanying novella, Back Bay Slayings. Loved it.  Aaron

Buy the book:

Also by Nick Sconce


What the readers are saying.

I bought Structured Chaos on a whim because I love a good adventure about teenage angst and kids testing the boundaries of their world (It, The Outsiders, Catcher in the Rye). A group of teenagers bound up in their mundane world of small town life and filled with grandiose dreams of power and invincibility, Structured Chaos delivers a fulfilling page turner of youth testing the waters of violence, independence, and authority.

I read this book first, but will be going back to read Sconce’s first book Pewter, Murder, and Loaded Dice. If you’re looking for a new author with a grasp on unraveling the mysteries of finding your place in the world with a sick twist on the coming-of-age concept, you’ll enjoy this book.  

Recommended! By Delphine M. Pontvieux on February 5, 2011 Pewter, Murder and Loaded Dice

I love it when I start reading a book which subject/theme does not necessarily appeal to my general taste at first (I was never into role-playing games or particularly inclined to find out what goes on in the heads of a bunch of pubescent male high-schoolers) and I find out I cannot put the book down until it’s over. Nick Sconce has a knack for great dialogues that flow seamlessly and never sound contrived or fake (which can be a very tough thing to do when dealing with adolescent voices).

His characters, while violent, are credible in their actions and have depth in their humanity and sensibility. The clever juxtaposition of their fantasy and real world works very well throughout the story. I can definitely see a great movie based on this novel, like a darker, more twisted version of “Stand by Me.

Read the reviews and buy the books:

About Nick Sconce


Born and raised in a small town in Oklahoma, Nick Sconce now resides outside of Oklahoma City with his wife and three children.

His interests include photography, recording music, cooking, gardening and studying the financial services industry.

Pewter, Murder, and Loaded Dice and Structured Chaos are novels in a series involving Devin Predire and Alex Vinkler.

His third novel, Hatchet Women, was released in October 2016.

Connect with Nick Sconce.

Hatchet Women Facebook:
Hatchet Women: Back Bay Slayings:

Christmas tree courtesy of author John W. Howell.


John Howell, Amazon:

Thank you for spending some time over here today and as always your feedback is very welcome.. It would also be great if you could spread the word of Nick’s new book far and wide.  Thanks Sally




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