Books for the bloggers in my life

Jessica Norrie with a very novel idea (sorry) could not resist.. Jessica has kindly gifted virtual books to those bloggers and Facebook groups who she has collaborated with over the last year.. Some inspired choices and I am delighted to accept the bundle of all of them and will look forward to exploring those that I have not discovered.. as yet. Whilst you might not be included in Jessica’s gift selection.. perhaps you might pop over and let her know in the comments what book you think represents you as a person..I must admit to seeing myself between Cora Munro in Last of the Mohicans and Alice in Wonderland.. Thank you so much Jessica.. brilliant idea.

Words and Fictions

It’s time I said thank you to all the wonderful book bloggers who’ve helped me since The Infinity Pool was published. I’d like to give them a book each, from those I’ve enjoyed this year. They may not be recently published, but ones I only just got around to that many others discovered before me. And they’re only virtual, but hey, it’s the thought that counts! Bloggers, if you don’t like what I’ve chosen for you, why not swap it with one of your colleagues?

I didn’t have my own blog to acknowledge you all on until April of this year, so I’ve gone right back to the start. Seumas Gallagher was the first blogger ever to feature me, back in September 2015, so I’m giving him Paradise by AL Kennedy, because it takes place in Scotland and Ireland among other places, and it’s bitter, black and very funny. It’s also very dark…

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