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The first book in today’s update is for Escaping Psychiatry. Beginnings: Escaping Psychiatry Prequel – by Olga Núñez Miret.  The novella is FREE and the links are after the reviews.

It is timely as Olga’s next book, Escaping Psychiatry II – The Case of the Swapped Bodies is on pre-order for December 29th.

51apmeaewhl-_uy250_About the book

How far would a writer go for a killer story? This is the question psychiatrist Mary Miller must answer to solve the first mystery/thriller of her career. You can get to know the main characters of this psychological thriller series for FREE and test your own acumen and intuition in this novella about the price of ambition.

Dr Mary Miller is a young psychiatrist suffering a crisis of vocation. Her friend Phil, a criminalist lawyer working in New York, invites her to visit him and consult on the case of a writer accused of a serious assault. His victim had been harassing him and accusing him of stealing his story, which he’d transformed into a best-selling book. The author denies the allegation and claims it was self-defence. When the victim dies, things get complicated. The threshold between truth and fiction becomes blurred and secrets and lies unfold.

Escaping Psychiatry. Beginnings is the prequel to Escaping Psychiatry a volume collecting three stories where Mary and her psychiatric expertise are called to help in a variety of cases, from religious and race affairs, to the murder of a policeman, and in the last case she gets closer than ever to a serial killer.

If you enjoy this novella, don’t forget to check Mary’s further adventures. And there are more to come.

One of the latest reviews for the book.

This short story is titled ‘beginnings’ and introduces Mary Miller, a psychiatrist who has been indulging in a little self analysis and having some doubts about her own profession or at least her place in it. She needs a break and Phil, a lawyer friend, comes to the rescue, inviting her to come and stay.

The offer is tempting for Mary, even though Phil is open about her possibly accompanying to his office to meet with a client on a consultancy basis, she is not put off. Indeed, she is rather intrigued by the prospect.

The client turns out to be Oliver Fenton, a famous author who is accused of using unnecessary force when fending off a stalker who has been harassing him for some time. Of course all not what it seems.

If there is such a thing as a cosy, medical mystery maybe this is where this story would lie. Mary is a thoroughly likeable character but also intriguing. There is obviously more to her than meets the eye, as you would expect from someone of her profession. She is clever and discerning and possibly a little unaware of her true talents. Perhaps here we have a Miss Marple of the psychiatric world, though I imagine her a lot younger and quite attractive! (No offence meant, Miss Marple)

As mentioned, this is the ‘beginning’ of cases for Mary Miller. I look forward to reading more, an ideal and enjoyable read between lengthier books.

Read  Escaping Psychiatry. Beginnings.  FREE

A selection of books by Olga Núñez Miret.

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Read the reviews and BUY all of Olga’s Books:úñez-Miret/e/B009UC58G0


Available on Pre-Order for December 29th 2016:

Olga Nuñez Miret-amazon-author-The Writer Next Door

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Sally's cafe and bookstore

My second update is for Mary Smith whose book No More Mulberries has achieved over 130 reviews.. I first promoted the book earlier in the year and it is time to update with one or two of its most recent reviews.


About the book

Scottish-born midwife, Miriam loves her work at a health clinic in rural Afghanistan and the warmth and humour of her women friends in the village, but she can no longer ignore the cracks appearing in her marriage. Her doctor husband has changed from the loving, easy-going man she married and she fears he regrets taking on a widow with a young son, who seems determined to remain distant from his stepfather.

When Miriam acts as translator at a medical teaching camp she hopes time apart might help her understand the cause of their problems. Instead, she must focus on helping women desperate for medical care and has little time to think about her failing marriage. When an old friend appears, urging her to visit the village where she and her first husband had been so happy. Miriam finds herself travelling on a journey into her past, searching for answers to why her marriage is going so horribly wrong.

Her husband, too, has a past of his own – from being shunned as a child to the loss of his first love.

Two of the many reviews for the book

Mary Smith’s No More Mulberries drew me into the lives of people living in a distant country amidst a totally different culture. This book opened up a world to me that I would never experience in my life time. I came to know and love the main character, Miriam; her life, her past and her hopes for a future. She is a compassionate woman placed in a land that should be alien to her, but is not – mainly because she has made it a part of her own being by giving it a cherished place deep within her heart.

As I read her story, I became invested in the world inhabited by those who would make Afghanistan a better place by their hard work and their caring. I reluctantly finished this beautifully written book with a better understanding of life in this complicated area of our planet.

No More Mulberries on September 8, 2016

What an eye opening look at the lives of the rural Afghan people. Two people, Scottish born Miriam and her husband Iqbal came to his home village to serve as the Doctor and midwife in a small health clinic in Afghanistan. As Miriam struggles to find her place in this life she has chosen, her husband Iqbal is also struggling to make a life for himself in the community that has always looked down on him because of his disfigurement.

Iqbal had leprosy as a child which caused him to lose his eyebrows and he feels that he will always be judged because of it. Bowing to the village customs both find themselves becoming dissatisfied with their lives, but do not know how to reach out to the other. Miriam goes against her husband’s wishes and accepts the training being offered in another town.

While there she is asked to travel to the village she shared with her first husband who had been killed by militants. This story is excellent and worth while reading. Judge not for you shall be judged.

Read all the reviews and BUY the book:

Also by Mary Smith

51arfsi2ffl-_uy250_51pqvltyial-_uy250_51ujjsusehl-_uy250_51yks9fxhfl-_uy250_Read all the reviews and BUY the books:

Mary Smith - web ready

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Sally's cafe and bookstore

Thank you for dropping in and I would be grateful if you could share around the web… both these books would make great gifts. Thanks Sally

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  1. Okey dokey… My TBR is creaking under the weight of so very many terrific books, but a multi-tasking girl needs SOMEthing to do while polishing her toenails 🙂 I’m heading over to Amazon now. Will also get Olga’s pre-order. Happy Holidays, Olga, Mary, and Sal! ♥ ♥ ♥

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  2. Thanks so much Tina, John. Thanks Sally for featuring my prequel and the new book, and especially for allowing me to share the post with Mary. And thanks to Wendy Unsworth for her review. I’m chuffed to bits by the Miss Marple comparison as I’d been thinking about the character a lot recently. Merry Xmas!

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