Smorgasbord Weekly Round up.. The last guests at the Christmas party!

round-upWelcome to the last round up of the party week and I am now going to be taking a break until Tuesday.  We are not going away but just enjoying food, fun and old films.. nothing like a little nostalgia to put you in the mood..

I really want to thank all those who have contributed to the Christmas Party for the last month.. I am very grateful and have loved every minute of the humour, stories, food and music that was contributed.. Certainly for me a Christmas to remember.

When I am back on Tuesday I will be spending the week sharing the highlights from the year with you. The top posts, the most popular humour, the most watched videos and a reminder of the guests who have featured.

The following week I will be starting my usual New Year’s Gentle Detox that I follow for six weeks until my birthday and I will be posting the easy to follow programme that gets your body back in sync after the excesses of Christmas.

I will also be sharing the new author and blog promotions for 2017 as well as new books that have been released in the New Year.

My special thanks as always to William Price King who has been a contributor to the blog for over two years and who continues to bring wonderful music into our lives each week. In the New Year we will begin a new series in the Classical Music theme with the wonderful Kiri te Kanawa.

I am also delighted to welcome Paul Andruss to the blog and he will be contributing one of his brilliant articles every fourth Thursday.

If you would be interested in a regular gig on the blog then tune in the first week in January.

One with the party… thanks again.. you are all stars for contributing, commenting and sharing. A very Happy Christmas … Sally


William Price King


Smorgasbord Christmas Reading


Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore Christmas update




Christmas Party Guests

Paul Andruss Mac Cool


Christmas Party Food



Christmas Party Music

Personal Stuff







That is all from me until Tuesday.. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.. thanks for dropping in .  Sally.


33 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Weekly Round up.. The last guests at the Christmas party!

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  2. Pingback: Smorgasbord Weekly Round up.. The last guests at the Christmas party! | Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life

  3. So, you’re taking time off and then you’re going to detox. You oughta meet Andrew. Sounds like you two have a lot in common. For you it’s writing a blog, for Andrew it’s from every vice known to man.
    Merry Christmas from my human and me.

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  4. Thanks for a beautiful season here at your blog Sal. It was a thrill to be featured a few times and just as lovely to read about so many other wonderful writers. Enjoy your well deserved Christmas break. Merry Christmas my dear friend. xoxoxo ❤ ❤

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  5. I had a blast, Sal. I actually saw you in a little hostess outfit at times, complete with apron and hat; at other times, a carhop on roller skates; but always with a smile and great enthusiasm. We all exchanged gifts of laughter. love, and hugs. I was so pleased to contribute ~ to give and receive. Thank you for the gift of community. Wishing you and David a Christmas of joy, fun, good food, and lots of treats. Pull out all the stops! It’s only once a year. Love and hugs 💕

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