Final Bloggers around the Christmas Tree for 2016 and Happy New Year


Welcome to the last of the Bloggers around the Christmas Tree series for 2016.. In another week the decorations will come down and we will begin 2017 having left this year behind.

It would not be difficult to paint 2016 as one of the blackest in quite a while as far as global conflict, loss of icons of stage and screen and political upheavals is concerned. But there have been some good things that have taken place around the world but they seem to have been overwhelmed by the headlines.

There are cultures who are very wary of Leap Years and put great store in the power of that one extra day out of 365.  Many people are glad to be moving into the seemingly more benign 2017 and I do hope for all our sakes that a calmer twelve months is ahead of us. Certainly we will be seeing the unveiling of the results of decisions taken in 2016 such as Brexit and the shift in power in the United States.

I thought today for my last look at Christmas and New Year that I would share a few bloggers reflections on the year from a personal point of view and also their thoughts on some of the events.

But first a delightful look at Christmas past… I could not resist.. sticky buns and Owls on the same page….


Jennie of A Teachers Reflections looks back at a time when she was teaching pre-school and the mother of two of her pupils would come in and teach a very special cookery class. And as a teacher with over thirty years experience, Jennie talks about books and the importance of reading for children.

Another Christmas, and another delivery of sticky buns. Every year I feel like a child hoping that Santa Claus will come, except that Santa is actually “the sticky bun mom”. This is perhaps the longest tradition in my family, and it started decades ago in my classroom. Two young girls, Michelle and Nicole, adored being in my preschool class, especially listening to “Jennie Stories”. They were sisters, and their mother made sticky buns. But, that is only where the story begins. It happened like this

D.G. Kaye Author

Debby Gies has had a very busy year with travel, challenging health issues and publishing her latest book.. all whilst supporting a huge raft of bloggers across the Internet. Here is her reflections about the year and plans and wishes for 2017.

As this year of 2016 draws to an end, many of us will reflect on what has transpired in our lives in the last 12 months. We may re-evaluate some of the decisions we’ve made, take pride in our accomplishments, kick ourselves for things we didn’t get done, and be busy planning for the new year.


Pete from BeetleyPete has a few reflections on 2016 that many of us share. It has been a year of political and global change as well as a challenging year for people on an individual level.

I cannot recall a time when I have ever been happier to bid farewell to a year. 2016 has been without doubt one of the worst years that I can recall. And I can recall some bad ones, I assure you.

There have been a few personal issues, that I will not be going into on a public forum. As well as that, there has also been an inordinate amount of deaths, both public, and personal too. Never has a year seen the Grim Reaper so busy. At least not one that I can remember.

51hb-tptcfl-_uy250_Another amazing author and blogger who does so much to promote other writers is Susan M. Toy.. I have enjoyed reading her own books and can recommend that you pick up copies to add to your 2017 TBR.. In the last few weeks Susan has been reviewing the Best Books Read of 2016 and here is her third post.. with links to the other two. Certainly if Susan recommends a book they are worth reading.

When I posted Part 1 and Part 2 of this series, I didn’t take into consideration that the year was not yet over and I might read more books I highly recommend in those remaining weeks – and, indeed, I have! (I also discovered a few books I had overlooked when compiling my first two lists.) Links for authors featured on Reading Recommendations are included. Every book listed here is rated at 5 stars from me.

So, here we go with THE REST OF THE LIST


Rosie Amber’s review team have done some amazing work this year bringing us their opinions on a huge amount of books that have consequently found their way onto our TBR’s.  This is a very important service to authors and certainly Rosie’s blog is one to follow for 2017. I hope that Rosie will be at the Blogger’s Bash again this year so we can meet in person.

On this New Year’s Eve: My 2016 year in review – I think many folks will be looking back at 2016 and wondering what it all meant to them. I’ve handpicked some of the highlights for me.


Tina Frisco moves across blogworld deftly picking out posts to share that are always interesting and thought provoking as well as writing brilliant pieces herself.  She is a huge supporter of other bloggers and still found time to release her latest book just before Christmas… if you do not already follow Tina you are in for a treat and I hope you will add her to your favourties in 2017.

Over the last week or so Tina has been gathering the aims and wishes of fourteen bloggers for 2017 and posted it today.  Read on...

I’ve thought for some time now that I’d like to have a theme for my blog. Many of the blogs I follow have themes I find most enjoyable. I’ve asked several of these folks to be my guest, tell us what they envision for their blog in 2017, and include their images and links.

I want to thank all of those who responded and wish them great success in the New Year. They are listed below in alphabetical order by first name. Please visit their sites, like and follow, and perhaps download a book or two. Enjoy!

I would like to wish you a stunning 2017 with health, love, laughter and if you play your cards right…. wealth.  Thank you so much for being part of  2016 and look forward to sharing blogworld with you again next year.


The Christmas trees are courtesy of author, poet and broadcaster, Annette Rochelle Aben

Annette 3D Promo Oct plus B

Read all the reviews and BUY Annette’s books:

Connect to Annette through her website:


55 thoughts on “Final Bloggers around the Christmas Tree for 2016 and Happy New Year

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  2. Sal, I’m honoured once again to be included in the year’s round up. It seems many of us are on the same page to boot this year out on its backside. I also wasn’t aware there was a myth about a leap year wreaking havoc, so that explains it!
    Let’s all ring in the New Year with optimism, open hearts and compassion and bless us all, good will and peace on earth.
    Lots of love to you Sal. Thank you for everything you are and do. xoxoxo ❤ Deb

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  3. Happy New Year to you Sally and everyone! I pray, also, that 2017 is a better year than 2016. 2015 and 2016 were terrible years for me…2015 my beloved brother, Jim, died and in 2017…oh, poor America! I fear the future. But to us, the common people, I wish a great new year!.I will keep smiling and writing….

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