Smorgasbord Book Promotion – Collaborative Anthologies – A Quick Read – A-Z Stories from around the World.

collaborative anthologies

Welcome to the new series showcasing collaborative anthologies by a number of authors.

As a lover of short stories I feel that a collection of short stories is a wonderful way for writers to showcase their work, but is also an excellent and cost effective bargain for the reader.

If you have contributed to an anthology in the last six months or so and would like to give it a bit more publicity then do read the submission guidelines so that I can do it justice.

To get the ball rolling and to show you how the format for this series will look, here is a recommended anthology from Patricia Salamone, author of The Italian Thing.


Patricia was a contributing author to A Quick Read – An A to Z Stories from around the World, compiled by author C.A. Simonson.

The concept of the book was very clever… to write a story using 26 sentences all beginning alphabetically with the letters in sequence.

41mm4kpij2l-_uy250_About the Book

The challenge was given and authors responded. Can you write a story in only 26 sentences – each beginning with a letter of the alphabet in sequence?

Fifty-eight short stories, from warm and fuzzy feel-good stories to horror, romance to suspense, mystery to paranormal.”A Quick Read” is a book you can pick up anywhere, at any time, and have an enjoyable quick read whether waiting in line, riding on a commute, or taking a break. Talented writers from all over the world took the challenge of writing a complete story in twenty-six sentences – one for every letter of the alphabet.

Here is Patricia Salamone’s story in the anthology.. one of 58 for you to enjoy.

Getting Old.

Alone I sit by my window. I watch the world now with little participation.Befuddled in my thoughts at times, I smile to myself at some distant memory.Cradled in my heart is my life’s story.

Damn, why did I waste so much time being foolish? Envy took up a good part of it. Foolish choices made on the spur of a moment can turn out to cost you more than money.

Gratitude was short lived as I climbed the mountain to success. Humility was just a word on a sign posted on an old wooden board along the way. I paid little attention to it. Independence was my goal; I would never ask for help. How foolish….

Junctions in my life were ignored as my ego grew. Knowledge was what I craved; I knew it all, or so I thought. Love came and I let it go; it required too much of me and would take me off my path. Money was my goal, lots of money would give me freedom from the poverty that dwelled in my heart and soul. Narcissism played the music I danced to.

Often I would close myself up to kindness and humility as I had people to use and places to conquer. Passing through the doorways of life I never stopped to smell the flowers or feel the sunshine on my shoulders.

Quietly and swiftly time marched on, and so did I. Roads lay before me: the choice was mine to pick and boldly I traveled the road to success, or so I thought.

Success came and plenty of money lined my pockets; I could have the freedom I craved, I was happy, or was I?

Time passes faster as we age; it stops for no one – I realized that one day when I looked in the mirror. Up, on top of the mountain finally, but as I looked around I was all alone. Virtual silence filled my world, no one to share my success with, no one to love, no children, only material success.

What have I done and why didn’t I stop to read the signs along the way about love, laughter, help, humility, caring, sharing, and the many more were ignored. Exit is now the only sign I can see – a big sign I cannot ignore and I wonder what’s on the other side of it; I am frightened and alone.

Yesterdays are gone, and although I thought I made all the right turns, there are no more choices.

Zero is what I had coming into this world, zero is what I will leave with….

Buy The Italian Thing by Patricia Salamone:

The reviews for the anthology.

Great collection of short-short stories  By William M. on July 9, 2015

Great collection of short-short stories. Neetu Malik’s stories are particularly powerful. I can’t wait to read more of her work!

Great, unique premise!  By Allison Brooks on May 28, 2015

Hey there, C.A. Simonson — I liked this premise so much that I bought the book, even though the Look Inside portion, sadly, cuts off below the extensive front matter and doesn’t let a new reader taste these great stories. Maybe you could consider moving a story up higher into the preview?But now I have tasted (smile), and these are wonderful. Again, this is a very unique approach to a book, and I really enjoyed these. This must have been a tremendous amount of work to lovingly compile all of these. Bravo!

Buy the anthology:

About C.A. (Candy) Simonson


C.A. (Candy) Simonson has always had a love for words. She started writing stories as a child and even won a contest for writing in the third grade. Her first published piece was at age 17. She is an award-winning author, editor, and writer of fiction and nonfiction short stories, articles, and books. She has over 200 publications nationally in anthologies, newspapers, magazines, and other tabloids. She has been the editor of a monthly newsletter for five companies, is a frequent contributor to newspapers, and had a monthly column in a national magazine.She has been published in several anthologies. She lives in the Ozarks of Missouri, and besides writing, she enjoys crafting, painting, and fishing.

Books by C.A. Simonson

51byjb4clgl-_uy250_ 51koy8p54il-_uy250_ 516yjkviotl-_uy250_

Find out more about Candy and her books:

I managed to get the names of some of the contributing authors from around the world from the Ebook sample..If you also contributed to this anthology please leave a comment.

Tim Mooney, Texas, Randall Lemon, Indiana, Sue Fenton, UK, Sharla Matlock, Missouri, Ken Windsor, Australia, Neetu Malik, Pennsylvania, Mike Olley, UK.

I already have a couple more anthologies to post but I would really love to give these unsung heroes of our book world some serious attention.. They deserve it.

Please spread the word.. thanks Sally

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19 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Book Promotion – Collaborative Anthologies – A Quick Read – A-Z Stories from around the World.

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  3. Thank you for the great promotion of “A Quick Read”! It can be purchased through Amazon, Barnes & Nobel, or iTunes in a variety of formats. Read for free if you have #Kindleunlimited. It was pure joy to read all the variations and genres that people wrote about. We hope to do another.

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    • The other writers who contributed to this book which are not mentioned above: Mary Agrusa, Georgia; Mohammad Baseer, England; Sheldon Bass, Indianapolis; Doug Clarke, California; Linda Dyson, UK; Raymond Duchene, California; Betty Dolphin, Tennessee; Gail Denham, Oregon; Deb Elkink, Alberta, Canada; Sue Fraser, France; Sue Fenton, UK; Norma Freeman, British Columbia, Canada; Karen Lea French, Texas; Eileen Granfors, Missouri; Patrick Gransfors, Missouri, Simon Hurst, UK; Jerry-Mac Johnston, Missouri; Robert Kendrick, California; Helen Laycock, UK; Joyce Kopp, Texas; Randall Lemon, Indiana; Cecelia Lester, Indiana; R.S. McCoy, Texas; Colleen Moyne, Australia; Sarah Mitchell, Kansas; Sharla Matlock, Missouri; Lorraine Reguly, Ontario, Canada; Rasma Raister, Latvia; Betsy Riley, District of Columbia, Kim Roseblade, England; Tom Russell, Ontario, Canada; Annapurna Sharma, India; Wendy Spickerman, NY; Ken WIndsor, Australia; Charles Stone, Pennsylvania; Philip Yang, Florida, and John Yannis, Michigan. All — imaginative writers!

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      • Thanks for adding those Candy.. certainly a worldwide talent. I am sure the collection did well.. it is in the main menu now in the bookstore annexe and will be for at least a year.. Periodically I will be promoting the annexe as a whole as I add more anthologies. Thanks again. Sally


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