Smorgasbord Blogger Daily Saturday 7th January – The God Pan, China, Dogs, Book Design

Smorgasbord Blogger DailyWelcome to the Blogger Daily with a selection of the posts I have read in the last couple of days. I am sure you will find the posts interesting and I hope you will follow the bloggers concerned.

reduced-cover-amazon-final-jpg-opt287x459o00s287x459My first post is from Paul Andruss who has contributed two articles to the blog and is going to be contributing more in the future. This post on his own blog is about the god Pan… the subject of legends, tales and poems across the ages not always depicted as being a harmonious influence on society. Paul explores the reasons behind Pan’s reptutation and fall from grace and it is a very intriguing analysis.

“Steven King called Arthur Machin’s The Great God Pan ‘one of the greatest horror stories ever written’.

The 1890 novella influenced H.P. Lovecraft, whose dark tales of magical rituals opening portals to the realms of chthonic gods – gods of the underworld – are still found in science fiction and horror; most famously Hellboy.

mnchin-panMachin’s contemporaries were not so generous. They described the tale as degenerate and horrific; too morbid for a healthy mind.

The story opens with a scientist who performs experimental brain surgery on a 17-year old girl in an effort to strip away society’s blinkers and open the human mind to the infinite – symbolised by the Great God Pan. The operation is successful, but leaves the girl a vacant husk.

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Next a special treat for those of you who missed Tess Karlinski’s trip to China the first time around.  I was mesmerised for weeks and I can honestly say that Tess saved me thousands in flights, hotels and tours because of her indepth descriptions of all that she experienced and saw.. This first week is the flight from Chicago to Beijing and I almost felt myself trussed up in the middle seat for the thirteen hours along with Tess.  The posts usually appear on Fridays so mark your calendar…

“I had no preconceived notions regarding the long trip ahead. The Malaysian disappearance, still fresh in the news, I refused to ponder the distance, time, or mystery of sufficient fuel to complete such a long flight. No point in dwelling on what I couldn’t control. I refused to mull over anything—numerous times. Had I allowed my apprehension to take hold, I might have never taken the wild limo ride to the airport.”

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Smorgasbord Pet HealthAs many of you know we will be adopting a new dog, hopefully in the spring when the garden has been dog secured.  I have always known that having pets of any kind, especially those you can hold and stroke, does impact our physical and mental health.. I thought you might like this article by Sharon Church who is not only the mum to Zeus who is a long haired German Shepherd and Misha a Briard, but is also a qualified Dog Psychologist. Here is a post on the 18 ways your dog improves your health.  I think Sam would approve..

“As if you need any more reasons to LOVE sharing your life with your dog, but if you’re reticent about getting a dog, or live with someone who needs some convincing. Let them know its official dogs are good for your health.

“We found that pet owners, on average, were better off than non-owners, especially when they have a higher-quality relationship with their pets,” says pet researcher Allen R. McConnell, PhD. He’s a professor of psychology at Miami University. “What [makes] a meaningful relationship varies from person to person.”

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And to wrap up today.. a post from Nicholas C. Rossis that will be of interest to those of you who are designing your own books and also marketing materials. It is a challenge, albeit a fun one at times to stand out from the crowd.. This might just do the trick.

Free Paper Textures and Tutorial

I do a lot of my own design work, and I know that many of you do, too. I guess it’s one of the perks of being an Indie author; for better or worse, the only limit to what we do is our imagination. And our skills. Which is why I thought you’d enjoy these links that explain how to make your own dyed paper textures, and lets you download dozens of paper backgrounds – for free! These work great as a background for any of your ads, like Facebook ads etc.”

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I am sure that you will enjoy visiting these blogs and finding out more about the talented writers who host them.

Please leave a link for your latest post in the comments section so I can share that too.

There will be another Blogger Daily on Monday evening.. thanks for dropping in. thanks Sally



21 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Blogger Daily Saturday 7th January – The God Pan, China, Dogs, Book Design

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  2. Will somebody step up and pay my bills so I can spend *all* my time reading – online and off. Oh, and give me your credit card so I can buy all these books that ALL look like must reads.

    Gee thanks, Sally, for making juggling my time incredibly frustrating with all your great posts! My “list” is growing rapidly, ready for the day I win the lottery or somebody decides to support my full-time reading plans. 🙂
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
    – ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
    “It takes a village to educate a world!”

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  3. Exciting to be included among these remarkable and bloggers. Many thanks for the shoutout, Sally. The Paul Andress book cover is magnetic, even before the story between them; Pan will always intrigue, and the paper post by Nicholas is captivating and requires time for proper enjoyment. I agree pets make a home and relax the owners. I look forward to spring when you bring your new puppy home. 🙂 😛 ❤

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