The Afternoon Video – Healing Equine Therapy.

This is a video from an equine therapy center. The horses were born there and have an amazing bond with humans. At people come from all over the world and experience a life changing connection with animals, nature and their higher selves

If you have time here is another video showing how working with horses are helping to heal veterans with PTSD.

Thanks for dropping by… Sally


25 thoughts on “The Afternoon Video – Healing Equine Therapy.

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  2. Thank you, Sally. The PTSD video is moving. A young army veteran on Canada’s east coast — struggling with PTSD – killed his family and himself last week. How I wish he had found something like this, or any other true healing program to help him at least manage the symptoms. PTSD is a terrible thing.

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  3. Beautiful, Sally! We have an equine therapy place near us, for differently-abled children. Amazing! These videos are perfect for showing the importance of having animals in our lives. Thank you!

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  4. Amazing. As I watched the video I began to feel a lot calmer. I have had a stomach bug recently and am not out of the woods but I would love to go to these beautiful caring animals, because if just watching the video has an effect on me what would they do in the flesh. Thank you, Sally, for posting.

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